A Mother and Son Share £100,000 a Month for a Year from National Lottery


The National Lottery is back with another exciting announcement of a mother and her son that have scratched their own destiny. The officials have confirmed that the mother, Sue who is 48-year-old, and her son, Connor Rees, who is 24 years old have won £100,000 a month for a year.

The family currently lives in Wales and now they are one of the richest families in the entire neighborhood. Sue currently works at a school in Wales where she packs lunches for the school children. On the other hand, Connor Rees works at a warehouse with his father and does the loading work while his father performs the delivery duties.

The family informed the officials that whenever they go for lottery tickets, they have one strict rule. That rule is that they both purchase their own tickets and whatever the prize win, it is shared among the two. This time again, the family decided to go for the “£100,000 a Month for a Year” scratchcard game.

As a part of their tradition, they went for two separate tickets but for the same game. Rees informed the officials that they have been doing it for a very long time and he used to do it just to make her mother happy.

He stated that he never believed that they would ever win a prize by playing the lottery games. But he still did it because his mother was always sure and confident that someday would be theirs. That is when they will be able to win huge prize money from the lottery game.

The player stated that they always bring the ticket to their home and scratch it at the dinner table. They stated that everything was normal, the same, and smooth until they fully scratched the ticket. This is when they realized that they had won a huge prize but could not tell or believe as to what they had actually won.

As per them, when the store cashier asked them to wait, they got really excited knowing that they have won something big. That is when the cashier informed them that they had actually won the huge prize money from the National Lottery.

Sue stated that despite the win, she does not plan on doing anything that involves her leaving the job and traveling outside. Sue stated that she is too afraid of flying so it is never going to be her gig. However, the player confirmed that she will not be leaving her school and will continue teaching there for a while.

On the other hand, Rees stated that he plans on taking his dad on vacations that would involve their stay in Hawaii, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

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