A Powerball Lottery Ticket for $150,000 Sold in Bucks County


One of the largest state-backed lotteries is back again with a thrilling announcement. This time, Pennsylvania is here to share the details and information around one of the luckiest lottery players in Bucks Country.

The PA Lottery has revealed that the winner of the particular prize belongs to Bucks County as the ticket has been sold there. The lottery officials are now eager to find the whereabouts of the winner and hand the winner the prize money.

The Lottery officials have revealed that the ticket belongs to the Powerball lottery game that is backed by the Pennsylvania Lottery. The ticket purchased as part of the Power Lottery draw that took place back on January 27, 2021.

As a result, the ticket managed to win four out of the five lucky numbers as well as the red number. The numbers drawn from the draw were 17-33-35-42-52 while the red Powerball was 09. By managing to match the 4 lucky balls and the red ball, the player has won prize money of $150,000.

The lottery officials have stated that initially, the ticket was only going to win $50,000 from the draw. However, the winning ticket had a Power Play option added to it, which results in tripling the prize money to $150,000 for the player.

The PA Lottery officials have also revealed the name and the address of the lucky store that sold the ticket. The name of the store is Speedy Gas Mart that is located at 5901 Mill Creek Road, Levittown.

It has been revealed that the Speedy Gas Mart will also be receiving a $500 bonus incentive for selling the lucky ticket.

The reason behind the Pennsylvania Lottery officials revealing this much information is to ensure that the winner shows up to claim their prize. For many decades, the PA Lottery officials have been blamed for plotting fake lottery winners for every single game while the operators have denied this.

Therefore, in order to prove their authenticity and legitimacy, the lottery officials ensure that every prize money is claimed. This is the reason why the PA Lottery has taken the matters into its own hands to get a grip on the situation.

By doing this, the lottery officials are able to play their role in communicating with the winners. Most importantly, it succeeds in conveying its message to the store and the people in the surrounding areas of the store. This creates a sense of awareness and urgency among the players and store staff to find the rightful owner and encourage the winner to come forth.

According to PA Lottery’s policy, the winners are validated once the lottery draws have taken place. Once the draw has taken place, the winners have a time period of an entire year to show up and claim their prize money.

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