A man from Canberra Wins AU$10,000 from the Instant Scratch-Its Ticket


The Lott has the privilege of bringing forth the story of a lottery winner who had almost lost his win for not paying much attention to his win. The lottery is very excited for the player to win a handsome prize by playing one of the games it supports.

Every year, “The Lott” grants several opportunities to the Australian citizens to earn huge prizes and keep changing their lives. This time, the Lott is sharing the story of a man from Canberra who ended up winning a decent amount from one of the scratch-off tickets.

Lott has revealed that the winner was lucky enough to win prize money of AU$10,000. The winner had decided to go with the $1 Sheep Thrills ticket that is a prominent scratch-its ticket powered by the Lott.

The lottery officials had the opportunity to talk to the winner of 10 grand when he visited the office to claim the prize. According to the player, he is not a regular player of the scratch-off tickets so plays such games very little.

The player informed that he usually purchases draw tickets from the same store that he has been visiting for years. As usual, the player had purchased the $1 Sheep Thrills Ticket from the Manuka Newsagency. The Manuka Newsagency is located at 38 Franklin Street, Manuka.

The player shared the exciting story of his win while telling everyone how lucky he is for ending up with the win. The player informed when he scratched the ticket, he did not think that he had won anything.

He had not paid much attention to the ticket because he is not used to or interested in playing scratch-off games. When he scratched the ticket and won nothing, he decided to go to the store and buy the lottery ticket that he usually purchases from the Newsagency.

The next day he went there and asked the cashier “Rhonda” to give him his usual ticket for the lottery. At the same time, he handed over his scratch-off ticket to Rhonda asking her to throw away the ticket because as per him he had won nothing.

The winner stated that as he stepped out of the shop, Rhonda shouted for him and told him to keep the ticket with himself. She told him that he must keep the ticket as he had actually won AU$10,000 prize from the ticket.

The player could not believe it at first but was filled with joy to know that the game he plays very little ended up winning him a huge prize. The player thanked all of the staff members, especially Rhonda for being very nice to him ever since he started visiting the shop.

The player also informed them he has plans for buying a car for himself with the money he has just won.

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