An Idaho Lottery Player from New Burley Wins a $300,000 Lottery Prize


The current year has turned out to be a real disaster when it comes to the global economy and mass unemployment. While the rest of the economic and technological giants were trying to make habitats on Mars, the pandemic showed these entities how unaware and unprepared they are for internal threats.

No matter the sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, whether in a positive way or negative. However, the year 2020 has turned out to be extremely lucky and fortunate for lotteries from around the world.

The fact and the main driver behind such growth in lottery sales and wins is none other than the Coronavirus pandemic. With so many people losing their jobs, their businesses, and their trades, they have resorted to finding quicker ways of making huge earnings.

When faced with this, what could be the best thing than trying their luck in lottery games? To everyone’s surprise, the lottery has actually turned out to be extremely profitable for lotteries as well as the players.

Even the lottery operators from all around the world have shared their observations throughout the entire year. They have also stated that in the current year, the number of players as well as the ticket sales have also gone sky-rocket.

The same is the story of a lucky winner of the $300,000 Lottery prize winner. The year 2020 turned out to be very lucky for the resident of New Burley, Michael Clark. The Idaho Lottery revealed that Michael Clark had just moved from Arkansas to Burley. The player informed that he had recently moved to Burley with his wife and was planning to start a new life.

Michael Clark was one of the luckiest lottery players in the year 2020 as he was able to win first top prize through Idaho’s Scratch Game. The Idaho Lottery informed that this is the latest game that they have introduced for their players.

The name of the game is ‘100X the Cash’ and has gained a lot of following and popularity in the Idaho state.

Michael Clark was very delighted and excited while telling the story of his win. He stated that he purchased the ticket on Friday night from a gas station. The name of the station is Mr. Gas that is located on Overland and 21st in Burley.

The player told that he and his wife wanted to grab midnight snacks so they stopped by Mr. Gas. He stated that he already had a $50 winner so he cashed it at the store and bought the 100X the Cash ticket.

Then he brought it to their car, scratched the bar code off the card, and scanned it only to know that they had won a jackpot prize.

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