Someone Is Out There Who Won A Million Euros From Euro Millions


The results of the EuroMillions lottery were announced recently.

Luckily there is someone out there who owns the winning ticket of £1 Million – the mega prize money offered by the National Lottery.

It was later found out that the winning ticket belonged to someone who is living in Essex. However, it seemed that the lucky winner was not aware that he had hit the jackpot of EuroMillions. This could be because, after the announcement of the results, no person had contacted the lotto’s office and presented the winning ticket. He or she, whoever is the holder of the ticket, will need now to immediately contact the lotto’s office to claim £1 Million. Thereafter a public message was aired/published at various mediums.

A spokesperson of lotto informed that the only details available with them suggested that the lucky fellow is one Mr. E. In addition, he told that this Mr. E happens to live in Essex, as per information available to them. Other than this no further information was provided on the ticket such as full name, address or national identity number etc. Only if the entire information had been provided then the lotto’s officials would have gone to him directly.

But on December 1, 2020, the official of the lotto informed that the winner of £1 Millionhad reached them. However, the winner had requested them to keep his identity undisclosed. As per the rules of the game, a winner is entitled to give special instructions and the lotto is bound to follow them.

It was informed that the mystery winner had not bought the winning ticket from any authorized retailer. Instead, he used the lotto’s official website and bought the ticket online, and chose the numbers himself. It was further revealed that Mr. E had won several prize monies in the past. It was told that in September this year, he was also found to be first amongst those winning a prize money every week in National Lotto.

It may be luck or he is simply a genius because he has the ability to correctly guess results, said the official.

However, it seems the winner is not fond of publicity and this is why he chose not to go public.

In the meanwhile, EuroMillions results for 1st December’s draw had also been announced. The jackpot contained in that draw was roughly £ 160 Million. But unfortunately, no one was found to be the winner of the jackpot.

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