Lottery Winners Pennsylvania Lottery Announced Winner iLottery Prize 1 Million Prize in 2021


The iLottery introduced by the PA Lottery is known for providing people the opportunity to enroll themselves in draws with his stakes to win million-dollar prizes. Just recently, the PA Lottery announced the details of a woman who has won an iLottery Prize Draw through the PA Lottery.

The Powerball officials along with the PA Lottery have just released the information of the woman who won the iLottery Prize Draw. The PA Lottery has also revealed the name and more details of the winner.

As per the PA Lottery, the iLottery winner will be given a chance to be a part of the special drawing. The special drawing will be broadcasted at midnight on the ABC channel. The draw will be broadcasted as the ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ that will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest in 2021.

The name of the female winner is Sara Bosh who is a resident of Beaver County. As per the PA Lottery, Sara Bosh is one of the five finalists who will have the chance of winning the jackpot prize. The draw for the jackpot prize will be held when the ball drops in Time Square.

The PA Lottery has also revealed that Sara Bosh also won small prize money of $2,020 for winning the PA iLottery Prize Draw.

Furthermore, the winner also won an at-home New Year’s Eve party package for being one of the top five finalists of the iLottery draw. The PA Lottery was kind enough to reveal the details of the New Year’s Eve package that it has given to the winner.

The at-home New Year’s Eve party package includes a cash prize of $12,500, a deluxe dinner for eight individuals, a $500 gift certificate to Party City, a karaoke system, and a 70-inch LED television.

One of the best things about these prizes is that these are apart from the $1 Million prize-winning chance that he has received for the Powerball. If Sara Bosh is able to bag the $1 Million prize, she will be titled the ‘Powerball First Millionaire of the Year’.

The player also talked to the PA Lottery and shared her feelings and pleasure of the recent win. Sara Bosh told the PA Lottery team that she is very happy with the recent win and is very much excited about what is yet to come in the next year. She stated that times have been really rough on her as she lost her job and is currently having health issues.

However, the player was happy about the opportunity that she has been given and stated that this has happened to her as a blessing in disguise.

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