The Mass Lottery Reveals That There Are Numerous $100,000 Prizes That Are Near Expiration


It must be a common understanding that when someone buys a lottery ticket, they are always alert. It has been perceived that the lottery players are always on the lookout to see whether they have won a prize or not.

However, the reality is way more different than what has been perceived for such a long time. For every particular draw, there are hundreds of prizes that remain unclaimed by the winners. Such prizes eventually end up getting expired and are then handed over to some noble causes in the form of charity funds.

As lottery is a gigantic business in the United States, therefore, it is beneficial for the lottery firms that the winners actually claim their prizes. There are a lot of people who accuse the lottery management of plotting fake winners in order to make their lotteries more attractive.

For some lotteries, it is indeed the case where the plot fake prizes in different zones of their coverage. They pull such things off to give a push to their lottery businesses, gain more player-base, and gain more recognition.

This is exactly why the lotteries urge all of the prize winners to come to the front and claim their prize so the wins can be validated/authenticated by the entire lottery community.

When the prizes are unclaimed, the lottery operators tend to release the information of the players, stores and locations where the tickets were purchased from. This is done in order to encourage players or people around the players to have the winners come and claim their prizes.

Just recently, it was the Massachusetts Lottery that has revealed the information of four different $100,000 ‘Mass Cash’ jackpot prizes that are still unclaimed. As per MA Lottery, these prizes are near expiration so it is encouraging the winners to come forth and claim their prizes.

The MA Lottery has revealed that the 2 tickets for the Mass Cash Lottery prize of $100,000 were sold from the same store. The name of the store is Dedham Convenience Store that is located at 69 Cedar Street, Dedham.

The draw date for the two tickets was April 14, 2019, and both tickets will be expiring at the beginning of December 2020.

The third ticket was sold from the Big Y store that is located on 503 Memorial Drive, West Springfield. The draw for the ticket was held on June 5, 2019, and it will be expiring in the mid of December 2020.

As for the fourth (last) ticket, it was sold from Shell station that is located at 590 Main Street, Wakefield. The draw for the ticket was held on October 16, 2019, and the prize claim date will be expiring towards the end of December 2020.

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