Annapolis Woman Wins $40,000 In Maryland’s VaxCash Lottery

Maryland Lottery congratulates an eldercare professional from Annapolis Santana Portillo Dominguez as she wins the $40,000 in the VaxCash lottery drawings.

Maryland is one of the first few states that initiated the vaccine incentive lottery programs. This was in an attempt to get maximum people to vaccinate.

However, it wasn’t this lottery incentive that urged the 40-year-old from Annapolis to have herself vaccinated. Indeed her line of work necessitated for her to get the Covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible. It wasn’t a tough decision for her and she was not hesitant or skeptical at all.

It just so happened that her decision to get the vaccination made her $40,000 richer too. In essence, she achieved two different things with one single action or rather decision.

Dominguez revealed that the job of eldercare workers became even more significant during the pandemic. This was because due to the ongoing pandemic the patients were kept in isolation at the center where she worked. It was done to limit the spread of the virus and protect those around.

She further told that the senior living center where she provides had to take extra caution following the pandemic restrictions. The restrictions forced the facility to bar visits from the public which made it impossible for the resident’s family members to visit.

According to Dominguez when workers at her workplace were urged to receive the jabs without wasting time seeking them. She even revealed that some of her co-workers were quite fearful and unsure about getting the vaccine shots, however, she wasn’t.

Dominguez couldn’t be happier as it was her one wise decision that led her to this victory today. She really did not expect to win the $40,000 prize money as she got the vaccine to protect herself and others around her. The winning lady had automatically been registered for the draw after she got her vaccine shots.

It was last month that the Maryland officials in partnership with the state’s lottery announced the vaccine incentive lottery. The Governor of Maryland had announced that the state would distribute $2 million in prizes to anyone who received the vaccine.

To qualify for the lottery one must meet the eligibility criteria. According to the criteria, you must be a resident of Maryland who is 18 years and above and vaccinated.

This is not it the vaccine lottery also has a grand prize reserved for next month. The winner of the grand prize shall receive $400,000 which can only be claimed if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Anyone who’s vaccinated is automatically added to the draw after the Maryland Department of Health has a string of numbers attached to them. On doing this the health department has the details of the vaccinated residents added to the database. The lottery draw is directly connected to the information available on the database of vaccinated patients.

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