Two Players Playing Florida Lotto Win $1 Million Each


The Florida Lotto is here to announce its accomplishment in terms of helping people win huge prizes. This time again, the Florida Lotto has managed to make it happen by helping people find the best help they can find.

Florida Lotto is proud and determined to help more and more people in the coming months and years. So far, the journey has been very exciting and emotional for the Florida Lotto, as it has been helping people in need.

It is also serving those who are underprivileged and need the help of society to keep going. The Florida Lotto, with its lottery games, has been helping millions, bringing them happiness and joy.

This time, Florida was able to bring joy to two different players in the form of million-dollar prizes. The players are from different areas but they are sharing the same joy and happiness.

The Florida Lotto has revealed that the name of the first player is Gary Moor who is a 61-year-old resident of Zephyrhills. The name of the other player in Franklin, who is a 63-year-old resident from Lakeland.

Both players had gone for the scratch-off games powered by the Florida Lotto and won the top prizes of $1,000,000 each.

Gary Moore had reportedly gone for “The Fastest Road To $1,000,000” that turned very fortunate for him. It is one of the top lottery games offered by the Florida Lotto and brings in a tremendous amount of sales.

As per Florida Lotto, it is the top scratch-off game that it has produced and offered its players since the beginning. The best thing about the scratch-off wins is that the players are offered two different options of claiming their prizes.

They can claim the prize over the course of many months or years going for the installment plan. Otherwise, they can go ahead and take all the prize money in one go. The majority of the players tend to go for the latter option and this is exactly what Moore did as he went for the $790,000 lump sum amount.

Gary Moore had reportedly purchased his lucky ticket from B&N Market. The particular market can be found at 4700 28th Street North, St. Petersburg. The lucky market is now eligible to receive a $2,000 bonus commission for helping the player win the prize.

Then there is Kimberly Franklin who went for the less popular scratch off game powered by the Florida Lotto, “$5 Gold Rush Supreme”.

The particular ticket helped him win $1,000,000 and the player had the opportunity to claim the prize in one go as $880,000.

Gary Moore had reportedly purchased his ticket from Dad’s Supermarket Meatmarket LLC. The particular facility is located at 1510 Kathleen Road, Lakeland. Similar to B&N Market, Dad’s Supermarket would also be receiving $2,000 bonus commission.

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