Broke Single Dad Wins Lotto With Just 8 Cents Bank Balance

Buy OZ Lotto Tickets Online – In 2015, a Melbourne, Australia man with only an 8 cents bank balance became winner of $1.5 million. Fascinatingly the single dad of two had consulted a psychic some days before the draw, who informed him that his financial state would improve soon.

The shocked Division 1 winner stated that his huge lotto fortune ‘would definitely help’ in that regard and also said that his win must have been meant to happen. After he examined his ticket repeatedly, in the end it finally dawned on him that he had turned into an immediate millionaire.

Now He Is A Millionaire

Today I have $1,500,000.08, he remarked. The man intends to utilize the money to assist his family and invest in the future of his kids.

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