During Lockdown, Luck Chester Hill Father Gets $100,000 Richer Playing “The Lott”


In the past couple of months, the situation in Australia has become very tense due to the pandemic. While the country was safe from the pandemic during its peak time, the situation has gotten worse in Australia since the start of 2021.

Now the country is undergoing strict lockdowns and the people have started losing their jobs and employments. During this time, the people in Australia are going through very hard times and so was the case for a player from Chester Hill.

The officials have revealed that the player from Chester Hill is a father of three, who will now have a fine year ahead of them. The player will be able to take care of his kids in the right manner and without any issues.

According to the lottery officials, the player lost his mind the moment he was informed that he had won prize money. It took the officials around 10 minutes to fully share the details of the game and the prize claiming process. This is because the player went to his kids and had the representatives from “The Lott” communicate the winning to them.

The lottery team has announced that the father from Chester Hill had purchased a ticket for the Lucky Lotteries Super jackpot game. The draw for the particular game had taken place on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. As per the lottery officials, the draw number for the particular Lucky Lotteries Super jackpot was 10493.

Surprisingly, participating in the game proved to be really profitable for the player as he ended up winning the first prize for the game. The officials have revealed that the father from New South Wales (NSW) has won prize money worth $100,000.

Apart from winning the first prize for the game, the player also ended up becoming eligible for the consolation prize. The consolation prize for the game was $2,000, bringing home total prize money worth $102,000.

Now, the player has $102,000 more in his bank account that is going to help him through the harsh lockdown situation in his area. The father of two kids informed the lottery officials that things had been really difficult for him since the beginning of 2021.

He ended up losing his wife to an accident and since then, he has been taking care of his kids. The player informed the officials that he and his wife had been managing the expenses together. Ever since his wife passed away, he had been having a hard time dealing with finances.

Now that he has won prize money worth $100,000, he will be able to fix so many things and take care of his kids like his wife wanted to.

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