Three Lucky Players Playing Collect ‘N Win Make $2,750 in Total


The officials of the “Collect ‘N Win” game are here to announce the winnings of three lucky players. It fills the teams at Collect ‘N Win with great joy that the three lucky players have hopes of winning high prizes in near future playing the game.

The lottery officials at Collect ‘N Win are very excited to share the details of all three players and how long they have been in the lottery game.

The officials have revealed that the name of the first winner is Valeria Houston who is a 53-year-old woman from Wilmington. Houston currently works as a case manager in Wilmington and she has been playing the game for a really long time.

Houston informed the lottery officials that she had started playing lottery games when she turned 18. Since then, she had been playing lottery games alongside her boyfriend, who then became her husband.

The lottery officials have confirmed that Houston participated in September 7, 2021, for the Collect ‘N Win game. Houston has lived in Wilmington her entire life and despite her children asking her to move, she does not want to leave. She stated that she used to live in Wilmington with her husband and they both used to play lottery games together.

The next winner on the list is Michael Lacey who won more than Valeria Houston. Michael Lacey has reportedly won prize money worth $1,000 playing the game and this is not the first time he has won a prize. Lacey informed the lottery officials that he has been playing Collect ‘N Save for over five years.

Ever since he started playing the game, he has won more than 10 times. It is yet another win in his collection and he is going to cherish it like all other wins. Lacey is a 68-year-old resident from Milton who retired from his job years back and now runs his own collectibles shop.

Lacey’s recent win has come from participating in the lottery draw that was held back on September 14, 2021.

The last winner for today is Algeria Hughes who is also a 68-year-old man from Wilmington. The player had reportedly participated in the lottery draw game held for Collect ‘N Win, back on September 7, 2021. From the draw, the player has won a prize money worth $1,000.

Hughes told the lottery officials that his latest win marks it his 11th win since he started playing the game back in 2009. The player told the officials that the highest prize money he had won playing the game was worth $2,800. The player stated that he will continue playing the game and keep winning more prizes.

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