Florida Lotto Ticket worth $21.25 Million Reportedly Sold in Casselberry


One of the most popular and famous lottery games in the United States, Florida Lotto has something exciting to share with its players. According to the Florida Lotto, a lucky ticket sold in Casselberry has managed to win huge prize money.

The lottery officials are very ecstatic about the particular ticket that has been sold in Casselberry. As per the lottery officials, the Florida Lotto ticket has won one of the highest prizes for the year 2021. Therefore, the officials are extremely excited about this and want to meet with the winner of the jackpot prize at the earliest.

As per the officials, the Florida Lotto ticket has won several million but the winner of the prize money is yet to reveal himself. The team is expecting to meet the player soon to hand over the prize money to him and ensure, the player bags it and takes it home safely.

According to the Florida Lotto operator, the lucky ticket was for the draw which was held on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The operator had drawn the numbers 53-32-31-21-15-10 for the particular draw. The lucky ticket that the customer from Casselberry had purchased won him $21.25 million.

So far, the operator does not have any leads or information around the people other than the fact that he had purchased his lucky ticket from Casselberry Meat and Produce. The particular shop is located at 2655 South US Highway 17-92, Casselberry.

The officials have confirmed that the player had gone for the Quick Pick option while purchasing the ticket for the game. This is an option that almost every lottery game offers where instead of choosing the numbers yourself, you let the computer do it for you.

In the Quick Pick option, the computer chooses random numbers on your behalf and you do not have to go through the hassle of choosing the numbers on your own.

The officials have revealed that the store that sold the ticket to the Casselberry winner will also be receiving a bonus commission for helping the player with the ticket.

To some extent, it is indeed the store that sold the lucky ticket to the customer who has now won huge prize money. The officials have confirmed that the store will be receiving a very handsome amount of $100,000 in the form of bonus commission.

The store staff is also very excited about the win and are aiming to find the lucky winner so he can be presented to the officials. After the announcement, there is great enthusiasm in the entire area surrounding the store to find the winner so he can come and collect his prize.

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