Three Tickets Winning $2.2 Million in Total Sold in Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania Lottery officials are here to announce the exciting wins of three lucky tickets that have won huge prizes. The team has announced that all three tickets belong to the Powerball Lottery game. This has also come as great news for the Pennsylvania Lottery that three lucky players in their state have won three prizes for Powerball Lottery.

The officials are also very excited about the players and are anxious to meet them at the earliest. They are hoping to meet the players soon so they can hand over the prize money to them. However, there has always been a trend with the Pennsylvania Lottery that it starts looking for the winners after a day or two of the draws.

The reason behind this practice from the PA Lottery is because most of the players claim their prizes within a week or two. If they do not claim their prizes within this much time, then they hardly show up to claim them. This is the reason why the Pennsylvania Lottery expedites the process to find the players as early as possible.

This time, the Pennsylvania Lottery is sharing the details of three tickets for the Powerball Lottery. As the tickets were purchased from Pennsylvania, then the Pennsylvania Lottery was responsible for the three tickets. It is the Pennsylvania Lottery that has information about the whereabouts of the tickets.

According to the lottery officials, the first ticket was sold in Mercer County. The lottery officials have revealed that the draw numbers for the ticket were 66-54-38-22-15. The lucky ticket matched all five primary numbers but failed to match the bonus ball so ended up producing $1,000,000.

The lucky ticket was reportedly sold at The Clark House, which is located at 3590 Valley View Road, Clark. As per the officials, the lottery retailer is also eligible for receiving a bonus commission of $5,000 for selling the million-dollar prize-winning ticket.

The officials have revealed that more than 28,400 players had participated in the particular game.

Then the second ticket was sold in Cumberland County. The ticket purchased was for the draw held on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. The numbers drawn by the operator for the particular draw were 62-59-52-46-33 as well as the Powerball number 10.

Luckily, the ticket managed to win $100,000 from the particular lottery draw and it is one of the luckiest among millions of Powerball Lottery players. The particular ticket was purchased from GIANT Food Stores, which is located at 4510 Marketplace Way, Enola. The store is also entitled to receive $500 in the form of bonus commission from the Powerball Lottery officials.

The third ticket was sold in Bucks County, and that draw for the game was held on Saturday, July 17, 2021. The ticket successfully matched four out of five primary numbers 66-54-38-22-15 to win $100,000 prize money. The ticket was sold from 7-Eleven Store, which is located at 293 Bristol Pike, Croydon. The store is also going to receive $500 worth of bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

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