Largest Lottery Games in North America and Europe


In life, almost every person is after money, which is to bring a change in lifestyle and have all the luxuries possible. This is exactly what people from all over the world are after but not many people are able to make their dreams come true. The life that we see in dramas or movies is completely different from what we have in reality.

One needs to realize and understand that life is full of hardships and nothing is achievable without hard work, and dedication. However, many people from around the world manage to bypass all of this and find something different in life.

Yes, these people make their fortune through lottery games while we continue struggling and not taking any chances in life. However, they are able to play these games because they have access to them in their area. Not many people have this kind of privilege and thus, are deprived of even this facility.

If you do get to visit countries such as the United States and Canada, you would see them promoting Powerball and Mega Millions. These two operators are the largest lottery games the USA Lottery has to offer its players.

Moreover, the two operators are the largest in the world in terms of giving out huge prizes. Both lottery games offer different prizes to the winners starting from few hundred bucks and then going all the way up to more than billions.

The instances of Powerball and Mega Millions paying users in billions are not just one-time things. Throughout their tenure, these two operators have given out several billion-dollar worths of payouts to players.

According to figures, the top prize payout in history so far is $1.58 billion, which is by Powerball. The second-largest prize payout goes for $1.54 billion, which was made by Mega Millions. Then the title for the third-largest prize payout goes to Mega Millions again for paying out $1.05 billion.

Powerball made the fourth-largest lottery prize payout for $768 million, and the fifth one was again for Powerball for $758 million.

While these two games are known to be top of the line in America, there is EuroMillion, which is offering the same opportunities to players in Europe

The EuroMillions is available to players in the European region but not outside that. So far, the largest prize payout conducted by the EuroMillions is €210 million. It was the luckiest player from Switzerland who was able to win and take home that much money.

Although these games are limited to their respective areas and regions, yet, there are online lottery games that can help you play these games from your computers.

These online agents carry out purchases of the tickets on your behalf and if you won a prize, you get to keep all the money.

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