The Other $40 Million Powerball Winner from Sydney Finally Shows Up


The Lott is back with a bang, as this time, the news is not about a small win, but is about a $40 million jackpot prize. The officials have announced that the lucky $40 million winners are from Smithfield, Sydney. The lucky Smithfield winner participated in one of the largest lottery games in the world, Powerball.

As Powerball is one of the largest prize-giving lotteries, it was obvious that the winner would receive a handsome amount. The Smithfield man had purchased the Powerball ticket that enrolled him for the draw (#1301) held on April 22, 2021.

As a result, the Smithfield player was yielded as one of the two-division one-prize winners taking home $40 million. The biggest advantage of playing lottery games in Australia is that if a player wins $40 million, he gets $40 million. There are no federal or state taxes implemented on lottery prizes in Australia.

This means, that the Smithfield player is now $40 million and can live the rest of his life with everything he ever wanted. Another player from Sydney has won the other division one prize of $40 million from the same Powerball lottery draw.

The lottery officials revealed that they could see the winner had registered the winning through The Lott’s portal. However, when they tried contacting the provided phone number, they established it was incorrect. One of the numbers provided by the winner during the registration was incorrect.

Therefore, they were unable to contact the winner and confirm the rest of the winning details with him. Finally, the number was updated on the registration and they were able to contact the winner.

When they informed the Smithfield winner about the win, the player was in tears and was overwhelmed with joy.

The player stated that he never thought he would win a prize, so he was not keeping his hopes high when playing. However, as the numbers went in his favor, he went ahead and registered his win on the portal.

Later on, he and his best friend discussed that they had already contacted the other $40 million winners and given him the prize. They were concerned why the lottery officials still had not made any contact with him.

Therefore, he went up on the portal and was surprised that he gave out the wrong number. According to him, he received a call within an hour of correcting his number on the portal.

The player stated that he is all by himself but he always had his friend’s back through thick and thin. Therefore, he is going to help his friend out in any way possible and the first thing he is going to do is start a new business with him.

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