A “Premier Cash” Birthday Present Turns into a $500,000 Blessing


The Virginia lottery is here today to make you aware of a lucky woman who is now $500,000 richer. The lottery team has revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Elizabeth Coker-Nnam. She is a resident of Upper Marlboro has been living there ever since she was born. The lottery team is extremely excited to share her winning story and surprise anyone reading this post.

According to the Virginia lottery team, the player had no idea she was even going to get a lottery ticket, let alone win a prize. She had received the ticket from her brother as a birthday gift, which turned out to be the best birthday present for her.

The ticket she had was for the Premier Cash game, which is a popular scratch card game powered by the VA lottery. Elizabeth confirmed her brother had purchased the ticket from B.O.B. #41, which is located in Arlington inside the Pentagon.

If Elizabeth’s brother had purchased the ticket for himself, it would be him enjoying his win. However, as Elizabeth was destined to receive it then it could not be in the hands of her brother.

The officials have confirmed that it was game no. 1985 for the Premier Cash game and now the game will be closed. From the particular game, Elizabeth’s ticket has helped her win the $500,000 prize, which is the top prize for Premier Cash.

The Premier Cash had three top prizes and all had the same prize of $500,000. The first two prizes had already been claimed and Elizabeth went ahead and claimed the last one.

As per policy, once all top prizes have been claimed, the game then decommissions by the lottery operator. With the particular ticket, Elizabeth had 1 in 652,800 chance of winning the top prize, and turns out, she was a winner.

Elizabeth told the lottery officials that it is not her who was lucky but her brother who is the lucky charm for her. She informed that she and her brother are twins and ever since they were kids, they have always exchanged gifts on their birthdays.

She stated that for her, her brother’s love matters the most to her, not the price, or worth of the gift. However, her brother did surprise her with a scratch card and she was excited about it. Her brother is the one who loves to play lotteries but she had never done it before.

Therefore, when he got her the gift, she kept it on her for a few weeks and decided to scratch it while her brother was with her. Turns out, she was $500,000 richer in an instant and could not believe what she was seeing in the first place.

Her brother was even more excited about the news and came to see her the next morning to congratulate her. Elizabeth told the officials that now it is her turn to arrange a fine present for her brother next year.

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