The Pennsylvania Lottery is looking for Lucky Winner from Somerset County winning $3 Million


The Pennsylvania lottery is here to make you aware of an exciting win from a player from Somerset County. The lottery officials reveal that the lucky player has won $3 million from one of the most famous lottery games powered by the PA lottery.

The lottery team has confirmed that the lucky winner had purchased a ticket for the “$3,000,000 Money Millionaire” game. It is one of the top scratch card games powered by the PA lottery as well as the most expensive game.

The lucky ticket purchased by the blessed player helped him win $3,000,000 prize money. According to the officials, the lucky $3,000,000 prize-winning ticket was purchased from Sunoco. The particular Sunoco store selling the $3 million ticket is located at 450 East Main Street.

The Sunoco store is entitled for receiving $10,000 and the staff was extremely happy for selling the lucky ticket to the player. They have also congratulated the player and hope it would help the store increase its sales for the lottery games.

The surprising part about the win is that the player who won the $3 million prize money is yet to make an appearance. Therefore, the lottery officials are sharing all the details they have around the winning and the store where the prize ticket was purchased from.

The lottery officials are constantly in search of the winner as they do not want the prize money to expire. If the prize money expires, it gets sent over to the charitable causes that the Pennsylvania lottery supports.

The reason for sharing the county name and the store address is to let others know where exactly the ticket was purchased for them. It can create a sense of urgency and awareness among the lottery players from the particular area.

The PA lottery officials hope that all players living in that zone will check their tickets and encourage other players to check there as well. This way, the lottery team can reach out to many lottery players and have them look for the lottery winner. The player now has a year to show up and claim their prize before it expires.

The $3,000,000 Money Millionaire holds very high value among the PA lottery players. It is one of the top lottery games that gives players the chance of winning $3 million after buying a $30 ticket. If someone wants to know more about the $3,000,000 Money Millionaire, they can visit the PA lottery’s website for more information.

The PA lottery has also launched its application so the players can also use the application to play games and claim prizes.

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