A Million Dollar Lotterywest Ticket Still Unclaimed and an Upcoming Jackpot


One of the most popular and oldest played lottery operators in Australia “Lotterywest” is here to make an announcement. The operator has revealed that one particular division one prize-winning ticket is yet to be claimed by the rightful winner.

The officials are waiting so the player can show up, confirm the win, and leave for home with a huge pocket of money. The officials have confirmed that the unclaimed prize money belongs to one of the oldest and most played lottery games “Lotto”.

The player still has not made any contact with the lottery team or registered the win online. Without that, the lottery officials will not be able to make any contact with the winner. They will not be able to make arrangements for the lottery prize money either if the player does not show up.

According to the lottery officials, the particular draw was for the Saturday night Lotto draw held on May 1, 2021. As a result, the ticket has won a million-dollar prize, a division one prize. It is now one of the five-division prizes that are yet to be claimed by the player.

Even if the player adds details of the prize-winning ticket through the portal, the lottery officials will be the ones getting in touch with him to expedite the process.

Apart from the above, the lottery officials are also very excited about the upcoming Powerball lottery draw. The Powerball lottery draw is to take place on coming Thursday and will be offering $80 million prize money to the winner.

The lottery officials have announced that the $80 million Powerball jackpot would be the largest ever prize money offered for the running year so far. In addition, if a lucky player ends up winning the jackpot prize, it would be the largest prize win for the lotto since July of 2020.

The Lotterywest officials have also shared very promising results for the lottery games they have held in the running year. According to data, on average, there are two or more out of five division one lottery prizes being given out to players on a weekly basis.

According to data, the streak for more than one division one prize being given out per week has been ongoing for at least 23 weeks. The teams are excited that the streak will not break and there will be a player winning the $80 million jackpot prize on coming Thursday.

The lottery players interested in taking participating in the upcoming $80 million lottery draw can purchase the ticket until Thursday by 6 pm. The minimum ticket price for the lotto ticket is $2.40 so it is one of the easiest opportunities for the players to win big.

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