A Couple from Waynesboro Plays Cash 5 with EZ Match to Win $894,591


The Virginia Lottery is back to bring a couple from Waynesboro to the spotlight. The lucky couple was fortunate enough to have been blessed with the top prize for playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match game. The couple is now the luckiest and the happiest in the Waynesboro area.

The officials have revealed that the couple is regular in playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match game and are loyal players at the Virginia lottery.

The lottery officials confirmed that Josh Quick and Shannon Harris had purchased the ticket for the draw held on April 9, 2021. According to the officials, the win claimed by the couple was unordinary, as something special had happened with the top prize.

According to the new rules of the Cash 5 game, if the top prize is not claimed in a particular draw, some portion of it rolls over to the next draw. Luckily, for the couple, the prize money had been rolling for a while, meaning that no one was able to claim the top prize.

The couple was fated to receive the top prize, which is why the amount kept building up and they ended up winning the top prize.

The life-changing numbers drawn for the particular draw were 29-26-18-5-3 and fortunately, for the couple, the ticket they held matched all five numbers bringing in $894,591.

The couple informed the officials that they had purchased their lucky ticket from the Walmart branch located in Waynesboro. They stated that they have been living in Waynesboro since growing up and visit the same store whenever they have to do groceries.

The couple stated that it is their usual practice of purchasing lottery tickets whenever they visit Walmart. Therefore, they went for the ticket and like all times, hoped they would win a prize from the lucky ticket.

The couple informed the officials that they have been playing the particular lottery game even when it was just a “Cash 5” lottery game. They always enjoyed the particular game and believed their chances of winning had increased when the game was changed to Cash 5 with EZ Match.

Fortunately, things worked out just the way they had expected them to work, and they ended up winning a huge prize. They feel that they are blessed because life has given them a huge opportunity. They stated that only 1 out of 100s of millions get this opportunity, so they plan on making the most out of it.

They stated the first thing they are going to do is buy a house and move there. The next thing would be purchasing a new car and invest half the money so the money keeps flowing. Then the rest would go into their savings account.

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