April Paid $253 Million to Pennsylvania Lottery Players from Scratch-Off Games


The Pennsylvania lottery is always excited about sharing the story of an individual or a couple of lottery prize winners. However, the most exciting part of the Pennsylvania lottery is to share the achievement of paying out huge prizes in the former month.

Every month, the PA lottery officials want to take the time and appreciate the efforts of the lottery teams. They also want to appreciate the efforts of the lottery retail stores that are always coming up with new ways to advertise the lottery products.

They are the reason customers become regular and then become loyal players of the PA lottery game. However, the main factor behind the success of the lottery games is the customers. Despite the crucial times and strict financial conditions, the PA lottery players have stayed loyal.

They have kept up with the lottery games and have continued playing games despite all the difficulties. The customers are the very reason why the PA lottery is successful at the end of the day. The players are the reason the lottery officials get the opportunity to share such promising results from the past months.

Same as every month, the PA lottery is here to share the details of the top prizes won by the players in the month of April. However, the lottery officials are only sharing the details of the prizes given out for the scratch card games.

The PA lottery officials have confirmed that they have paid out $253 million worth of lottery prizes in the month of April. They have tried providing the breakdown of the prizes from top prizes to the lowest.

The officials have revealed that only one player won a $3 million prize in the month of April. The player was a resident from Cambria County.

Then there were two top prizes of $1 million per player that was claimed by players from the Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.

The store that sold the $3,000,000 prize-winning ticket is Sunoco and is located at 450 East Main Street, Somerset, Somerset County.

The first store that sold the $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket is CVS, located at 1301 Rhawn St, Philadelphia. On the other hand, the second store is Wawa, located at 10 Maplewood Drive, Douglasville, Berks County.

The officials have confirmed that the store selling the $3,000,000 prize money ticket has received $10,000 in the form of a bonus commission. While the store that sold the $1 million prize-winning tickets have received a $5,000 bonus commission each.

Apart from the above, there were seven prizes worth $500,000 each, two prizes worth $300,000 each, ten prizes worth $250,000, and Eight Prizes worth $100,000 each.

The officials have confirmed that each store selling tickets for the prizes mentioned above have received a $1,000 bonus commission each.

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