Lucky Man from Lorton Wins $1 Million Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is back with an exciting announcement of a man who has won a million dollars playing the Virginia Lottery game. The officials have revealed that the name of the player is Sean Davis who once was the resident and is now the millionaire of Lorton.

Sean Davis is among the luckiest Virginia lottery players that have scratched their way to a million-dollar prize. Finally, being loyal to the Virginia lottery scratch-card game has proven beneficial for Davis and his wife.

The Virginia lottery officials have confirmed that Sean Davis is a regular at the 7-Eleven store that is located at 8228 Gunston Corner Lance, Lorton. According to the reports, Davis had purchased the $1 Million Royale ticket that is powered by the Virginia lottery.

The store staff members were extremely happy for Sean Davis and congratulated him on his million-dollar win. They informed the officials that Davis and his wife visit their store every Monday or Tuesday to buy stuff. Out of all the items, the item they purchase on a regular basis is the lottery ticket for the $1 Million Royale game.

Every time they would come to the store, they would ask them if they won anything but they would always reply negatively. However, this time, when they did not show up, they grow a bit worried but also hoped that the couple had finally won something.

So they reached out to the couple and found out they had actually won a million-dollar. The store staff informed the officials they are delighted to know that one of their regular customers has won a huge prize. This is the first time that someone from their store, playing lottery games has won a million-dollar prize.

Ever since the announcement, they have lottery players rushing to their store and buying all sorts of lottery tickets.

The lottery team also had the opportunity to talk to Sean Davis about his win and experience playing the Virginia lottery. Davis informed the officials that ever since the pandemic hit, they had their entire routine messed up. Nothing seemed to be going right and they found themselves disoriented.

Although many may find it odd they found the Virginia lottery their primary source of entertainment. It was due to the Virginia lottery game that they had hope injected into them and they always looked forward to Wednesdays.

The reason behind that was because he and his wife both would sit together and scratch the ticket for the $1 Million Raffle. After purchasing several tickets and scratching them every single week, they finally found the ticket that helped them win a million dollars.

The couple is excited about their million-dollar win and plan on taking a break from daily life for some time and go for a month’s trip.

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