TattsLotto Helps a Man from Kyabram Win $1 Million


One of the oldest and most prominent lottery games, The Lott is here to share the interesting winning story of a man from Kyabram. The officials have revealed that the lucky man from Kyabram played the most popular Lott-backed lottery game called, TattsLotto.

Despite being a regular player for another major lottery operator in Australia, the player ended up going for TattsLotto. The Victorian had not imagined that he would end up winning a million-dollar prize for playing the TattsLotto game.

The officials have confirmed that the lucky Kaybram player won 1 out of the 6 division one prizes claimed by other players playing the TattsLotto game. Each division one prize for the particular TattsLotto game was for $1,000,000 each.

The draw for the particular TattsLotto game was reportedly held back on Saturday, May 1, 2021. The ticket that helped that Kyabram man win a million was purchased from the Ky Lucky Lotto store. The particular Ky Lucky Lotto store is located at 167 Allan Street, Kyabram.

The lottery retailer was filled with joy and was shocked when the lottery officials contacted him. He stated that the winner of the million-dollar prize is his one of oldest friends. They meet up every night after he closes his store and has a few drinks together before they go their paths every mind.

He was excited and stated that his player had been regularly purchasing tickets from his store for the Lotterywest Game. However, the max he could win from Lotterywest was around a few hundred bucks.

It had been such a long time since he had won anything and had slowly started losing his interest in buying lottery tickets. One day, when his friend visited the store and did not want to buy a Lotterywest ticket, he asked him to try The Lott.

The Kyabram man did as the retailer asked him to do and luckily, it was the best piece of advice ever given to a person. The lucky man who is now retired from his job ended up winning million-dollar life-changing prize money.

The store owner informed the officials that they are expecting huge crowds will visit the store in order to purchase more “The Lott” tickets from their store. The owner added he is going to have his friend treat him to a nice restaurant as he had some part to play in his friend’s winning.

The winner also informed the lottery officials how excited he was when he received the call from the lottery officials confirming the win. He stated that it was the perfect time when he has won the prize. He and his entire family were in need of some serious amount of money.

After winning the million-dollar prize, what once looked impossible is in their reach now.

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