Lucky Man from Alexandria Wins $115,002 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is here to share the winning story of Tedla Melaku, a lucky Virginia Lottery player who has won decent prize money. The lottery officials are celebrating the exciting winning story of Tedla Melaku who participated in one of the major lottery draw games.

The name of the particular game is Cash 5 with EZ Match, which is directly powered and run by the Virginia Lottery. The lottery officials have confirmed that Tedla Melaku had participated in the lottery draw for Cash 5 with EZ Match held back on June 26.

By participating in the lucky game, Tedla Melaku ended up winning a jackpot prize money for the Cash 5 with EZ Match game. The officials have revealed that the Melaku is now a proud winner of the $115,002 jackpot prize.

As always, the Virginia Lottery is proud that it was able to produce such a remarkable and memorable moment for the winner. In such hard times, a lottery win is one that has the help to give a boost to any person. This time, it was Tedla Melaku who was lucky enough to have won $115,002 playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match game.

The officials have also revealed that Melaku had been playing the particular lottery game for a really long time. The player revealed to the officials that he would always pray that he wins prize money playing the lottery game.

However, this dream never came true and he was growing more and more concerned, and unhappy by the day. Finally, his call and prayers were answered with huge prize money. If Melaku had any doubts about his luck, he should no longer have them. No, he is among the luckiest people in the entire world.

It is a fact out of millions, only a handful of people are able to win lottery prizes. Now, Melaku is one of them and he gets to tell the story to all his family members, friends, and fellow lottery players about the win.

According to the lottery officials, Tedla Melaku purchased the lucky ticket from the 7-Eleven store. It is located at 7720 Telegraph Road, Alexandria. The officials have also confirmed that the player managed to match all five lucky numbers drawn from the draw: 40-39-22-13-9.

As a result, Melaku ended up winning a jackpot prize money of $115,002 playing the Cash 5 with EZ Cash game.

The player informed the officials that it was an answer to his call from above. He had been playing lottery games for a very long time and he was about to lose hope when fortune came his way.

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