Man Wins $375,000 Lottery Prize Thanks to Boredom


According to a South Carolina man, he had only purchased the scratch-off lottery ticket that helped him win a jackpot of $375,000 because he was bored. Speaking to the officials of the South Carolina Education Lottery, the Grand Strand man who opted to keep his identity hidden, said that he had purchased the $10 Might Jumbo Bucks ticket because of boredom.

He purchased the lucky ticket in Myrtle Beach from the OMKS LLC store because he didn’t have anything to do. His boredom was relieved soon enough when he scratched off the ticket to discovering that he had won a prize of $375,000. The winner said that he had been completely shocked. He added that he kept getting up to check the dresser drawer in order to reassure himself that the ticket was really and truly there.

The player disclosed that his shock did not dissipate, even when he visited the lottery headquarters for collecting his prize. He said that he was standing in line at the Claims Center to wait for his turn and shaking. He also added that he hadn’t decided what he was going to do with his winnings. The man said that he was just trying to enjoy the moment for now and didn’t have any plans for the money.

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