German Woman Walked around with Winning Lottery Ticket for Weeks


Without even realizing it, a German woman had been walking around with a winning lottery ticket that was worth €32 million for weeks. An anonymous woman in Germany had no idea that she had hit the jackpot in Germany’s Lottery called Lotto 6aus49 in the draw conducted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021. It was weeks after she found out that she had won a whopping €32 million, which is the equivalent of almost $40 million.

It is certainly a good thing that she had kept the ticket in her purse and it stayed there. Had she misplaced the winning ticket, it would have been heartbreaking for the €32 million jackpot to go unclaimed. Speaking to Lotto Bayern, the 45-year old woman said that she still gets dizzy at the thought that she had carried around almost 33 million euros carelessly in her purse for a number of weeks.

According to the lottery, the anonymous woman had chosen her numbers randomly on the Lotto 6aus49 ticket that she had bought for a price of €1. The odds of matching all the six numbers in the draw, along with the Superzahl, which is needed for winning the jackpot, are around 1 in 139.84 million. For the draw held on June 9th, the winning numbers were 1, 7, 17, 22, 41, and 49 and 3 was the Superzahl.

After claiming the money safely, the woman said that she didn’t have any plans of playing the lottery again. She added that this win was enough for her husband, her daughter, and herself. She also asserted that they would put the winnings to good use, as they would help her live a healthy life and would be used for doing good for the environment. The woman was lucky indeed, as experts reveal that billions go unclaimed in lottery prizes every year.

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