Lucky Man from Elkton Wins $250,000 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is here to share the story of Manuel Lainez, a lucky player who ended up winning huge prize money playing one of its top games. The lottery officials have revealed that the player’s run at 5:50 am in the morning turned out to be his luckiest run.

The lottery officials revealed that Manuel Lainez is a resident from Elkton, who purchased his lucky ticket from the 7-Eleven Store. The particular store is located in McGaheysville.

As per the lottery officials, Lainez had purchased a ticket for the Cash-King, which is a powerful and one of the most lucrative games by the Virginia Lottery. The most surprising thing for the player was that he had no idea that he had won the prize money.

The player informed the officials that he was coming back to his house from a trip with his friends. All of his friends had scattered all over the country and they had decided to meet up at a particular spot. There, they enjoyed their time for a week before heading back to their states and hometowns.

The player informed the officials that he was heading home from the long journey when he decided to make a stop for some refreshments. There, he bought some drinks and also went for the Cash-King Lottery ticket.

The player stated that he was so tired from the long drive that he did not pay any attention to scratching the ticket for some time. After about two weeks, he decided to scratch the ticket while he was on his lunch break.

The player stated that he was completely shocked when he scratched the ticket and figured he had won $250k playing the Cash-King. Lainez stated that he does not go for lottery games very much but this time, his heart asked him to purchase it. Therefore, he went ahead with it and bought the ticket.

Still, he did not want to check the ticket there and then decided to go for it when he had the time to do it. Luckily, Lainez ended up winning prize money of $250,000. The player

According to Lainez, he is one of the luckiest to have won huge prize money playing the particular game. He stated that his retirement was just around the corner and he had to do something about it fast and quick. He was shot on his retirement funds but now, the situation has changed significantly.

The player stated that he is already doing fine so he won’t be using a single dime out of the prize money. He will simply be putting it away towards his retirement funds.

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