Lucky Woman from North Carolina Wins $100,000 Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery team is here with the unique story of a lucky woman from North Carolina who has won beautiful prize money playing the lottery game. The VA Lottery is proud to announce that the player had opted for the Powerball Lottery game that is supported by the Virginia Lottery.

Playing the game, the lucky woman from North Carolina had the opportunity to win prize money she would never forget. Julie Eagan, a resident from North Carolina is now among the list of the most recent players that have won decent prize money playing the Powerball game.

The Virginia Lottery officials are excited that the $100,000 win has been claimed from their area. This shows the rest of the state-backed lottery games that Virginia has the ability to bring in huge wins for their players.

The Virginia Lottery is one of the tops and most popular lottery games in the entire United States. The Virginia Lottery has the title for generating some of the highest numbers sales for the lottery games. It is responsible for generating millions on a monthly basis for charitable causes.

Apart from generating money for charitable causes, the Virginia Lottery is also helping players become millionaires and win huge prizes.

The winning story of Julie Eagan would serve as an inspiration for many lottery players. Despite all the upsets, she continued playing the Powerball lottery game and finally emerged as the winner.

Julie Eagan had reportedly participated in the Powerball Lottery draw that was held back on June 9, 2021. Initially, she had managed to win $50,000 to her name but the Power Play option she had added to the ticket, helped her win big.

From the Powerball Lottery draw, the operator drew a 2X multiplier, doubling the $50,000 amount to $100,000 that the player ended up winning. The officials have confirmed that the player had match the red Powerball number as well as four out of the five primary numbers.

As per the officials, Julie Eagan had purchased her lucky ticket from Cedar Mart. The particular store is located at 1229 Cedar Road, Chesapeake (VA). At the end of the day, after the application of the Power Play option, the player won a total of $100,000.

The lottery draw numbers for the June 9 draw were 54-50-46-28-19 and the number 9 was the red Powerball. As per the winner, she selected half the numbers herself and let the computer choose the rest for her. Fortunately, her decision worked like a charm for her and now she has $100,000 to make plans with.

Julie Eagan has informed the officials that she is going to decide what she is going to do for herself with the money. For now, she knows that she is going to buy a pickup truck for her husband.

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