A Lucky Woman from Brisbane has won $50,000 playing “The Lott”


The Lott is here with an announcement sharing the experience of a lucky winner from Brisbane, who is now a proud winner of “The Lott” game. The lottery officials are very glad that the player has won a prize at the very turning point of her life.

As per the lottery officials, the lucky winner requesting to keep her identity anonymous has stated she won the prize playing her most favorite game. The player stated that among all other games powered by “The Lott”, she went for the “$4 Cool Bananas Bingo” games.

The officials have revealed that it is one of the most prominent lottery games that “The Lott” has to offer, and it belongs to the instant scratch-its category.

The officials have revealed that the player from Brisbane had purchased her ticket from newsXpress The Gap. It is located at 21/1000 Waterworks Road, The Gap.

The player informed the officials that as she scratched the ticket, she saw that the numbers were matching the criteria of her winning prize money. However, she was not sure how much she had won.

The player informed the officials that she always purchased her tickets that she would win a small prize of around a few hundred bucks. She had never imagined that she would end up winning such a huge prize. In the past, she had won a few hundred dollars so she knew what had to look for if certain criteria were met.

However, this time, the situation changed and she did not know what she had to do. She thought she had won $1,000 but she wanted to confirm it from the cashier. Therefore, she visited the same store she had purchased the ticket from to double-check on the prize money.

Therefore, the cashier broke the news to her that she had won $50,000 playing the instant scratch-its game. The cashier congratulated the player for her unique win and made an announcement inside the store about it. The whole crowd gathered to greet the player for her win and wished her the best of luck.

The winner informed the lottery officials now she has won the prize money, she is going to spend it wisely. She is going to make the best out of the money because this is going to be an extra help in her retirement funds.

According to the winner, she had recently retired and was worried about her finances. The prices of daily use items have also increased and it was obvious her funds were not going to make it through. Therefore, the money she has in her account now is going to be a huge help for her.

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