$100,000 Prize for Powerball Won by Woman from Redford


The Michigan Lottery is here to share the story of a lucky woman who is determined to keep playing the Powerball Lottery even after bagging a huge win. As per the Powerball lottery officials, the lucky woman had been playing the Powerball lottery for a while, without winning any prize.

However, the woman is among the luckiest in the year 2021 to have won prize money of $100,000 playing the Powerball lottery. The MI lottery is also very ecstatic and proud at the moment and wishes the player the best of luck for future games and life.

Now the player has an extra $100,000 in her bank account to make plans around ad have a life filled with joy. The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the lucky winner is Debra Knox who is a 61-year-old resident from Redford.

The player had reportedly participated in the June 16, 2021 draw for the Powerball lottery. The numbers that the operator had drawn for the particular game were 50-44-34-29-19 and the red Powerball number was 25.

From the particular draw, the player ended up matching 4 numbers plus the Powerball number to win the $100k prize money. The most astonishing thing about the ticket was that Debra Knox had added the Power Play option to the ticket. The Power Play that the operator drew was 2X, which ended up doubling Debra’s prize money to $100,000.

The player informed the officials that she had not purchased her ticket from a traditional lottery retailer shop. Instead, she went to the online website of the Michigan Lottery (MichiganLottery.com) to purchase her ticket.

The player informed that she has been playing the Powerball lottery for a long time but she is not regular. At times, she forgets to play the Powerball lottery games but makes up for it when she goes for the next play.

This time, she went for the Powerball lottery game after 4 weeks and decided to make up for it by purchasing a ticket per draw she missed. While all the tickets she purchased yielded no wins, the last one helped her win the $100,000 prize money.

Debra Knox informed the officials she was completely speechless when she came to know about her win. She was lost for words and could not speak for a minute or two, as she had never experienced it before.

The player stated that the win has come as a blessing in disguise for her. She will be able to pay for her bills that were unpaid for quite a while.

The player informed the officials that she always wanted an electric car and this money is going to get her a nice electric vehicle.

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