Two Lucky Players Playing Pennsylvania Lottery have Won $6.49 Million


EuromillionThe Pennsylvania Lottery officials are ecstatic for making the latest announcement around two lucky wins. The lottery team has congratulated the players for their loyalty and for playing their games, making the PA Lottery a huge success.

This time, instead of sharing the joy of one win, the lottery officials get to share the joy of two wins that are over a million dollars each. This is something that has proven to be very promising not only for the players but for the lottery operator itself.

As per the lottery officials, the first ticket was for the “Cash 5 with Quick Cash” game whose draw was held back on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. The lucky numbers that the operator drew for the particular draw were 43-39-29-20-7. Luckily, the ticket sold in Philadelphia managed to match all five numbers, winning the top prize money of $1,098,672.

As per the officials, the lucky ticket had been purchased from the Front Page News Store. It is located at 1801 West Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia. The store has also received a huge bonus commission of $10,000 for selling the lucky ticket to the player.

The particular game has produced over 28,600 lottery winners that have won different prizes from the game.

The second ticket is for the “Match 6 Lotto” game that is also powered by the Pennsylvania Lottery. The particular ticket helped the player enroll for the Tuesday, July 6 draw. The particular ticket had been purchased from Luzerne County.

The lucky numbers drawn by the operator for the particular draw were 48-46-36-35-26-10. The ticket managed to match all six numbers, winning the top prize money of $5.4 million. The name of the store that has won a $10,000 bonus commission for selling the ticket is K & S Convenience Store. It is located at 835 Exeter Avenue, West Pittston.

With the funds that the PA Lottery generates through ticket sales, it dedicates a certain proportion of those funds to charitable causes. As a result, the PA Lottery has been serving the community, people in need, the environment, and other living beings around the world.

Not only the PA Lottery but also the players are playing a huge role with their contributions in the lottery games. Since the beginning of 2021, the lottery operator has observed a record surge in the sales volume of lottery tickets. No matter the game they host, they have observed a spike in ticket sales and the number is constantly rising.

On a monthly basis, the PA Lottery is recording hundreds of millions it is able to generate from ticket sales. This means the more sales it is able to generate from sales, the more money it would be able to send off to charitable causes.

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