Lucky Man from Jacksonville Finds His $1 Million Powerball Prize Ticket


The Florida Lottery is here to share the exciting win of a lucky lottery player from Jacksonville. The officials have revealed that they had been waiting for the player to contact them for more than a couple of months. As per the lottery officials, the lottery prize that the player had won was from back in April.

Despite making several attempts of getting in touch with the winner, they were not able to get a hold of the winner. The winner had not even registered his winning through the Florida Lottery’s website portal so they knew nothing about the winner.

The only piece of information they had about the winner was the name and location of the store where the player had purchased the ticket from.

The officials were really glad to know that the player had finally contacted them to claim his prize. They went over the necessary details to ensure that the player’s ticket was legit. After confirming, they set up an appointment for the player to show up and claim the prize.

According to the Florida Lottery team, the name of the player is Kenneth Morgan who is a 54-year-old resident from Jacksonville. Morgan is now a proud winner of the $1 million prize money playing the Powerball lottery.

The ticket that Kenneth Morgan had purchased was for the Powerball lottery draw held back in April of 2021. The particular ticket was Morgan’s ticket to a luxurious life as he has ended up winning a million-dollar prize. Morgan has just gotten a boost of a million dollars in his bank account and he has a lot of planning to do with the extra cash he has on him.

The Florida Lottery officials have confirmed that the particular draw for the million-dollar prize-winning ticket was held on April 17, 2021. The ticket that the player had successfully matched all 5 of the lucky numbers but missed out on the Powerball number.

As previously, communicated, the lucky ticket had been purchased from the Publix Liquor Store. The particular store is located at 12620 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville. Now that the player has claimed the prize money, the respective store will also be able to receive the $1,000 bonus commission it was eligible for.

The ticket Morgan had on him was a Quick Pick one, so the computer helped the player win the million-dollar prize. The player informed the officials he had misplaced one ticket out of the five that he had purchased for the particular draw. Unfortunately, he did not win anything from the other four tickets and had lost hope on the last one as well so he did not bother looking for it.

Then, he was cleaning his house for his relatives for the 4th of July Holidays, and he found the ticket from inside his couch. He checked the numbers against the drawn numbers and to his surprise, he had to match first five numbers.

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