Friday Joy for Mega Millions Winner


There are always few lucky charms every week who win Mega Million lotteries. But this Friday was not the luckiest one. With the potential of winning the full lottery, an American player was able to match only four numbers.

Another resident of Massachusetts won a sum of $4 million the same day. The potential amount for this jackpot was estimated at almost $50 million. But no one was able to match all the required numbers to cash the jackpot amount.

The numbers of the Mega Millions this Friday were 17 – 20 – 42- 65 and Mega Ball 12. A rough cash estimate for the winner with all complete number matches was $34.9 million according to official sources.

Despite the fact, all numbers were not matched but the winner was very happy. The resident of Massachusetts said it was hard luck but is thankful to God for the amount cashed. It’s strange to see that winner of the one million lotteries was happier than the 4 million. Well, it’s just that how one expresses his emotions.

Recent Power ball winners were also analyzed on board. The good luck charm of Florida won $285.6 million. Once all these results were revealed a new law was signed by the concerned authorities. That new law barred the disclosure of the name of the lottery winners in public. The said law was passed by the law authorities of the USA and was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy.

Over-analysis on lottery winners, a comparison was also drawn in two lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions. The luckiest states of the USA were pointed out with the maximum lottery winners.  South Caroline, Michigan, and the State of Kansas were on the top three Power ball and Mega Millions jackpot winners.

Few say lottery winning is just luck, but for many, it’s a game of the mind. After analyzing the statistic of the winning States in the USA a second thought erupts. Why all States don’t have lucky winners, but only specific States are on top? People well with numbers are more curious about choosing lottery numbers. This increases the ratio of winning the lottery. People in the States are trying to understand the number game by analyzing all lottery winning numbers.

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