Lucky Player from Vinton Wins $92,238 Playing Virginia Lottery


The Virginia Lottery is here to share the story of a lucky Vinton player. The player has managed to do what only a handful of people among millions are able to do. The lottery officials have revealed that the Vinton player is John Davis who has won prize money worth $92,238 playing one of the VA lottery games.

According to the lottery officials, John Davis went for Print ‘n Play Rolling Jackpot, which is one of the instant lottery games powered by the VA Lottery. The most interesting thing about the particular player is that this is not the only win they have claimed playing the VA Lottery.

Davis informed the officials that they had also won a $130,000 prize money around 7 years ago playing the scratcher game. The player stated that they are even more excited about the second win because they find themselves to be very lucky and fortunate.

David stated that he knows many people that have been playing lottery games longer than he has been but they have never won a single prize. On the other hand, they have managed to win two prizes, which is very promising and motivating for them.

Now they have more of a reason to keep playing the lottery game. The officials have revealed that the player had purchased his lucky ticket from Nishi Food Mart. The particular store is located at 1551 East Washington Avenue, Vinton.

The particular is also going to receive a bonus commission for its contribution and helping the player win a prize. The player stated that he was calm and collected when he printed the ticket from the self-serve and saw he had won prize money.

Even the store staff members congratulated him for his win and jokingly asked him for a treat. The player stated that although they joked about the treat, he is serious about that. He and his wife are blessed to have won huge prize money twice in their lives.

They are already blessed financially and have a happy life. Therefore, there is not much they want from the money they have won. They know that it is their community that needs the money more than they do so they will be giving it away to the needed ones.

They are going to hold a small feast for all their friends and family members so everyone can have a good time together. The pandemic has already left many families devastated financially and now they are getting back to their normal lives.

However, families are working really hard, running here and there for extra money. They have been struggling so much that they have forgotten about spending quality time. This is the reason they think that their contribution will help their community.

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