Lucky Man from St. Clair County Wins $500,000 Playing Frenzy Multiplier Instant Game


The Michigan Lottery has yet another announcement for you for a lucky player who is from St. Clair County. The lottery officials are glad that they have yet another player who has won half a million dollars ($500,000) playing the Michigan lottery.

Michigan Lottery is one of the lottery games in the United States that allows players to keep their identities a secret. Therefore, the lucky player has requested to avail the option and keep his identity a secret.

According to the lottery officials, the player has won $500,000 prize money playing the Frenzy Multiplier instant game. It is one of the top instant lottery games that let the players find their luck playing the Frenzy Multiplier game.

The lucky player had purchased his lucky ticket from the Speedway Gas Station. The particular store is located at 1677 Range Road, Kimball.

The player stated that he is very fond of the Frenzy Multiplier game, as he plays the game almost every day. The player informed the officials that he likes to play the game almost every day he goes to work. The player informed the officials that he has two things that he does on his way to work every day.

The first thing he does is to get himself a cup of coffee and then purchase a lottery ticket. The player stated that one day, a ticket helped him win $500 and it was for the Frenzy Multiplier game.

Therefore, he had decided that he would purchase more than one ticket for the game to see how things work out for him. However, he did not plan on scratching the tickets right and instead, thought of doing it with his wife.

That same night, he was watching television while his wife was scratching the tickets for him. That is when she said that he does not have to go to work tomorrow as he had won $5,000 from one of the tickets.

He looked at the ticket to double-check it and saw that he had won $500,000 from one of the tickets while the rest were dots. The player is glad that his everyday purchases of the lottery ticket have turned lucky for him.

The 55-year-old player stated that they had been talking about getting their house renovated, but they were hesitant. They knew that it was going to be an expensive thing for them so they were waiting for the right time.

They were glad that they made the right decision of waiting and have won half a million. They will be able to get their house renovated and are going to have wonderful summer vacations.

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