$16.6 Million Worth of Lottery Prizes Await for Rightful Winners


The Kansas Lottery is here to celebrate the success of the month of June for its lottery games. Kansas Lottery has been around for a while and it is glad that along with the sales, the number of winners is also surging.

Although Kansas Lottery is not the largest state-backed lottery operator in the United States, still it is able to bring change to the lives of thousands on a regular basis.

The KS Lottery officials are proud to announce that $16.6 million worth of lottery prizes have been won by players playing the KS Lottery games. The KS Lottery is, therefore, sharing details of the lottery prizes that it has given away in the month of June 2021.

The initial prize money segregation is among the lottery game types that are offered through the Kansas Lottery operator. Out of the total $16.6 million, $1.1 million worth of prizes has been given away for the monitor games. Then there are lottery draw games that have successfully won $2.9 million worth of prizes in total. In the end, it is the most demanded game type, the instant scratch games that have occupied the majority of the prize winners that sum up to $12.6 million.

Furthermore, the Kansas Lottery offers people the opportunity to keep their identities anonymous when claiming their prize monies. This way, people feel secure when they come up to claim the prizes.

From the Kansas Lottery, 26 lucky players played and won $10,000 or more than that (each) from the instant games.

There was one particular player who won $150,000 playing the Extreme Crossword game. One player ended up winning $100,000 playing the Cash Party game. One player won $75,000 playing the $100X game, and another player won $50,000 playing the Super Red Hot Crossword game.

There were seven lucky players who won $25,000 each where two played Power 5X. The rest of the prizes were distributed among players playing 6 different games. The first game was Hot 777 game, 50X, Cash Cow, Galaga Cash, and Bingo Times 20 Bonus.

Now that we are done with the instant scratch wins, it is time for the draw and monitor games.

The total prize wins for Powerball in Kansas were $359,448 and three lottery prizes from the provided figure were $50,000 each.

The total prize win for Mega Million in Kansas was $1,099,330, which included $1,000,000, a prize-winning player.

The total prize win for Lotto America is $179,601, which includes one prize for $20,000 and one prize for $5,000.

Then there were other games such as Super Kansas Cash, Lucky for Life, Pick 3, 2by2, Keno, and Racetrax. These six games have managed to generate 2,240,414.90 in total for players playing these particular games.

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