Three Lucky Winners Playing Florida Lotto Win a Million Each


The Florida Lotto is bringing you the exciting stories of three individuals that have won a million dollars each. Playing Florida has turned fruitful for these three lucky players who now have a million-dollar extra to make plans and invest.

According to the lottery officials, the name of the first player is Francisco Hernandez Ruano who is a 47-year-old player from Orlando. The player had participated in one of the most demanded lottery games offered by the Florida Lotto called “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic”.

After coming to know about his $1,000,000 win, Hernandez Ruano visited the head office for the lottery operator and collected his prize money in a one-time lump sum. Hernandez Ruano has reportedly taken home $710,000 playing the “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic”.

The player had purchased his lucky ticket from Food Mart, which is located at 2099 South Goldenrod Road, Orlando. The Food Mart store is also going to receive a bonus compensation of $2,000 for helping the player win the million-dollar prize.

The second player is Mark McGeehan who is a 41-year-old resident from Land ‘O Lakes. McGeehan has also won a $1,000,000 prize playing the “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic” game. The player had visited the district office of the Florida Lotto in Tampa to collect his prize money of $710,000. McGeehan had also opted for the one-time lump amount although he had the option of going for a monthly or annual installment plan as well.

McGeehan had reportedly purchased his ticket from Publix, which is located at 2121 Collier Parkway, Land ‘O Lakes. The store is receiving a $2,000 bonus commission for its contribution in helping the player win a million.

The third player is Vananee Pitaktrakul, who is a 55-year-old resident from Tequesta. Pitaktrakul had reportedly gone for “The Fastest Road to $1,000,000”. Pitaktrakul managed to win the top prize money for the particular game. After winning the prize, the winner visited the district office of the Florida Lotto in West Palm Beach. The player requested to receive her money in $790,000 and she was given the option of doing that.

According to the lottery officials, Pitaktrakul had purchased her lucky million dollars prize-winning ticket from MBAC of Florida Inc. The particular store is located at 151 South US Highway 1, Jupiter. This particular store is also eligible for receiving $2,000 from the lottery team.

Both the $5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic and The Fastest Road to $1,000,000 are both scratch card games. The players the opportunity to know the results of the game right away rather than waiting for the draw to take place. The lottery officials have congratulated all three players for their spectacular wins and life-changing moments.

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