A Lucky Canadian Wins Whooping Half A Million Dollar in OLG Lotto


A Canadian citizen wins a high jackpot lottery. While sharing his feeling he gets overwhelmed. He expressed his future plans of traveling and saving money for the future.

One cannot realize the truth of winning lotteries unless a jackpot hits that person. We all dream of lotteries, but very few get them. And those few are not doing something unique but they firmly believing that they will win.

Another lucky charm has shared his experience. This Canadian citizen Jason after winning a lottery of $500,000 realized that dreams also come true. This amount is one of the huge amounts of lottery that shocked the guy as well. For him, purchasing the lottery was a daily basis activity and hoping for a high jackpot. This all got true when he checked his ticket using the OLG Lottery App and the results left him all shocked.

Now lottery is not just limited to getting to shops physically and purchasing it by hand. An app has launched under the name of OLG. Certain formalities are required to be fulfilled to obtain announced prizes through its basic verifications. As the safety of the customer always remains a priority of these companies.

Jason shared mixed feelings after winning a massive amount in the lottery. This lucky Canadian resident is 34 years old and said that he is not having words to explain his happiness. Upon giving interviews to various news channels he shared his plans. He wants to save this amount for his future, as he knows these jackpots are once in a life. He always had dreams of traveling around the world. After receiving this huge amount he thinks that the right time has come to fulfill these dreams. While sharing his thoughts with the press, Jason said that soon he will plan a trip and explore the globe.

Winners of the lottery always share an emotional thought. Most of the winners are just luck thanking people and firmly believe that they will be helped by nature. Especially for Lotto Max’s players have won $5.8 billion since 2009 out of which 20 percent were jackpot wins. The purchasing price is very less only $5, and the draw takes place on Tuesday and Friday. These lotteries are no doubt a life turning point for all the lucky winners. All these winners have one common trait that is to have faith in yourself. That faith makes them win and nature turns all things in the favor of the lucky charm.

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