The First Gold Rush Supreme Winners Announced by Florida Lottery


The Florida Lottery has made yet another appearance and this time, it is ready to announce a list of the winners that have won huge prizes from the operator. The Florida Lottery officials have announced the prizes that have been won by many players for the Bonus Play Promotion for the Gold Rush Supreme lottery game.

The lottery has revealed that one of the players from the game emerged as the top prize winner. The lottery officials have confirmed that the prize won by the player is worth $823,217.

In addition to the top prize winner, there were 5-second prize wins confirmed by the Florida Lottery. Each second prize winner of the Gold Rush Supreme game has won $5,000.

After the second prize wins, come the third prize wins and there were a total of 15 prizes given out to the players in this category. The lottery officials have confirmed that each of the 15 third prizes given out was for $1,000.

Then there were players who won the fourth prize that were 20 in number and each prize was for $500 each.

The lottery officials have revealed that the name of the $823,217.94 jackpot prize-winning player is James Turner who is a resident of Smyrna Beach. According to the Florida Lottery, the jackpot prize for the Gold Rush Supreme starts from the basic $10,000 figure.

After that, the jackpot prize money for the Gold Rush Supreme continues growing as more players continue to buy the scratch-card tickets.

The Florida Lottery has advised that the lottery players for the particular game can visit the website: to check the entire list of the winners.

The executives of the Florida Lottery have announced that there are still seven drawings that remain for the particular game. It has been revealed that April 12, 2021, would be the announcement date for the second drawing for the Gold Rush Supreme game.

When it comes to the Gold Rush Supreme lottery games, the players have the opportunity to win from $500 figure all the way up to the accumulated prize money for the jackpot.

However, the minimum prize money for the Gold Rush Supreme game is $10,000 that the prize money starts with.

The Gold Rush Supreme games are the latest addition that the Florida Lottery has made to its catalog of lottery games. The first game “Gold Rush Supreme” was launched by Florida Lottery back on January 18, 2021 and the ticket prices cost between $1 and $10.

The Florida Lottery has launched another Gold Rush Supreme for Billion Dollars back on February 22, 2021. So far, the total amount of prizes given out through both games is $1.5 billion. The officials have also revealed that the particular games have sold a total of 63 million tickets to the players.

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