Winners from Kansas Lottery Have Won $13.6 Million Worth of Prizes in February


The Kansas Lottery is proud to announce that plenty of the players from Kansas have won a lot of prizes through its games in the month of February. The lottery officials have revealed that the Kansas players have managed to win huge prizes from different lottery games powered by the operator.

The total prize monies that the players from the Kansas Lottery have managed to bag in the month of February is $13.6 million. The lottery officials have confirmed that out of the total $13.6 million amount, the $11.2 million figure has been claimed through the instant scratch-card games.

A total of $1.5 million from the total $13.6 million amount has been claimed by winners who played the draw games. The rest of the amount $892,460 that the players from Kansas have claimed is from monitor games.

One of the best things about the Kansas Lottery is that it provides players the opportunity to play and win without having to reveal their identities. They can show up at the lottery head office, claim their prize money, and leave the premises without having to show their identity.

If they wish, then the lottery officials also gather information around the story of their winning and whatever they wish to share about their win that is related to the lottery game.

As per the Kansas Lottery, there were a total of 10 lucky players who ended up winning $10,000 worth of prizes each from the instant lottery games. The officials have confirmed that none of the players wanted to reveal their identity so Kansas Lottery is respecting it and keeping their identities anonymous.

The Kansas Lottery has revealed that one lucky winner playing with the multiplier ticket for the “$10 Gems” game has won a $75,000 prize money.

Then another lucky player playing the game known as “Super Red Hot Crossword” with a $5 ticket ended up winning a $50,000 prize.

There were three lucky players who played different games through Kansas Lottery and ended up winning $25,000 each. The first player had gone for the 2021 doubler game, the second player went for the Holiday Lucky Times 50 game, while the last one went for the Kansas City Chiefs game.

Then there were 4 more players playing the Double Bonus Crossword game who ended up winning $20,000 each.

Apart from the above, the biggest wins for the Kansas Lottery players in the month of February came from games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Super Kansas Cash, and Lucky for Life.

For Powerball, the players won a total of $257,575, from Mega Millions, the players won a total of $135,118. For Lotto America, the players won a total of $106,376, for Super Kansas Cash, the players won a total of $280,655, and from the Lucky for Life game, the players won a total of $152,334.

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