The Lott Helps Woman Win AU$1.4 Million from the TattsLotto Game


The Lott is thrilled to bring the story of the luckiest woman from Darwin that the fortune go in her favor. The player was extremely thrilled and shocked when she came to know about her win as well as when he appeared to claim the prize money.

For the lottery officials, what is more, exciting is that the stories of the players and the wishes they would fulfill with that money. The Lott has revealed that the player had decided to play the TattsLotto game that is backed by The Lott itself.

The ticket purchased was for the draw that had been held back on Saturday, January 9, 2021. The draw number of the particular TattsLotto draw was 4119. As a result, the woman from Darwin ended up winning 1 out of the 7 division one prizes. The amount won by each division 1 prize winner was AU$1,428,571.43.

The Lott officials had communicated that they were very anxious to meet the winner of the AU$1.4 million amount as the player had not even filed the registry for the prize win.

Therefore, The Lott had no way of reaching out to the player and congratulate her on the win. Despite the winners being announced, the AU$1.4 million prize was still laying unclaimed even after an entire month.

However, the player finally registered the win and The Lott officials had the opportunity to call her and inform her about the win. According to the lottery operators, when they called and confirmed the player of the win, she was jumping around in joy.

The player kept saying that she might have been dreaming but she did not want to wake up from her dream. According to the winner, it was a dream come true for her and she felt like the luckiest person alive on the planet.

When asked about the delay in the prize claim, the winner informed that she had completely forgotten about it. The player stated that she came to know about the win when she went to purchase another ticket for the last week’s TattsLotto game.

As she went to the cashier for the new ticket, the operator reminded her of the old ticket and that is when she checked it. The player was shocked to see that she had just become a millionaire and would be able to fulfill her dreams.

The player informed that she will continue doing her job but she is definitely going to take a few days off to celebrate her win. The player also informed the officials that she is going to pay off her mortgage and then make her wish come true. She stated she is fond of diamonds so she is going to gif herself some diamond jewelry.

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