A $150,000 Ticket for Powerball Game Sold in Bucks County


The Pennsylvania Lottery is back with an announcement of a lottery ticket that has ended up winning a huge prize. As always, the Pennsylvania Lottery is proud to present the details and information of the lucky ticket that is going to make a player very rich.

The PA Lottery officials are eager and keen to meet the winner of the $150,000 prize. The operator has advised that the $150,000 prize-winning ticket has been sold in Bucks County. Therefore, the lottery officials are anxious to receive the call or the winner to turn up at their head office to claim the prize.

The PA Lottery has revealed that the prize-winning ticket sold in Bucks County was for the Powerball Lottery game. It was on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, when the draw for the particular game was held.

It was revealed that numbers: 17-33-42-52-35 were drawn for the particular game plus the red ball that was 9. The ticket has managed to match 4 out of 5 lucky balls and initially, it ended up winning $50,000.

However, the ticket had a Power Play option added to it with a multiplier of three. As a result, the prize won from the ticket tripled and the ticket finally won prize money of $150,000.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the lucky ticket was purchased from Speedy Gas Mart. The Speedy Gas Mart is located at 5901 Mill Creek Road, Levittown. The store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $500 for selling the lucky ticket.

The PA Lottery reveals that the winners of the game are validated only once the draw has taken place. Apart from the $150,000 prize money, there were 22,500 more players that ended up winning different prizes from the same draw.

The PA Lottery officials have congratulated all the lucky players on their win as well as thanking all for their contributions in making PA Lottery a success.

The PA Lottery has revealed that there are still many prizes that are waiting to be claimed. It has requested all the players to check their tickets as they may also turn out to be the lucky winners of a prize.

As per policy, the winners of the PA Lottery have a time period of a year from the draw date to claim the prize money.

It has now become a tradition for the PA Lottery to always reveal the name and address of the store as well as the country where the high prized tickets are sold from.

Every year, there are many lottery prize winners who never show up to claim their prizes. This is the reason why the PA Lottery keeps sharing the details of the winning tickets so the players and retailers in the particular area get alerted and started looking for the winners.

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