A Lucky Woman Wins $275,000 from the Triple Play Jackpot


The Florida Lottery recently made an announcement around a winner who turned lucky and won a huge prize. The operator has revealed that the winner has been given the opportunity of a lifetime after playing the Florida Lottery.

It had been almost more than a month since the winner had been announced but the winner had not shown up to claim the prize. Therefore, the Florida Lottery was eager to find the winner of the prize and hand over the prize money.

The Florida Lottery officials have revealed that the name of the game that the player played was the Jackpot Triple Play Jackpot. The winner finally showed up to claim the prize and was extremely excited when she showed up at the lottery head office.

The name of the player is Linda Gallagher who is a 58-year-old resident from Lake City. After playing the Jackpot Triple Play game for the Florida Lottery, the player ended up winning $275,000. The player was thrilled to know about her win and she was filled with joy when she showed up to claim her prize.

The player claimed her prize from the Tallahassee headquarters for the Florida Lottery.

The draw for the particular game had been announced on January 19, 2021, but the winner was nowhere to be found. When asked about the incident, the player provided a clear picture of exactly what had happened to her.

Linda informed that although she had purchased the ticket with a lot of excitement, yet she was completely unaware of the win. She stated that she had no idea that she had won the prize even though the ticket was with her at all times.

However, on Monday before going to work, she was with her husband having breakfast and her husband told her about a winner from the area. When her husband quoted the same lottery game, it clicked and compelled her to check the ticket to see if she was that lucky winner.

Linda was shocked to see that she had finally landed a jackpot after playing lottery games for a very long time. The player informed that she and her husband celebrated the entire day and she took off from work as well. They had their friends coming in to congratulate them and wish them the very best of luck.

Linda stated that her retirement was almost around the corner so she decided to make it even earlier. The player informed that now she has all the time to spend with her husband and will be spending some money on a trip to Hawaii when it is possible.

The player decided to go for the one-time lump sum of $232,120.46 and she had purchased the lucky ticket from B & B that is located at 3269 South U.S. Highway 411, Lake City.

Florida Lottery officials have revealed that the store will be receiving a $1,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

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