Three Lucky TattsLotto Players from Melbourne Win $1.4 Million Each


The TattsLotto is here to share the story of three lucky winners from Melbourne. Each lucky player has managed to win prize money of $1.4 million playing the TattsLotto game powered by “The Lott”. The lottery officials are excited about all three players as they have managed to win $4.2 million in total.

The first winner is a woman from Werribee, who managed to win $1.45 million in the weekend’s draw. According to the player, when she goes to learn about the prize win, she was so excited that she ended up screaming. Her shout of joy ended up waking up her husband and then she shared the great news with him.

The player informed the officials that she and her husband had gone out for a dinner. On their way back home, they decided to purchase a ticket for the TattsLotto draw that was going to be held on Saturday, July 3, 2021.

Then they got back home and then her husband went upstairs to sleep while she was watching the television. That is when she came to know about the prize winner and could not believe she was one of the division one winners of the TattsLotto draw.

The player shouted so loudly that her husband came running downstairs thinking someone had broken in. When she told him about the win, they both celebrated and decided to tell their family about it in the morning.

The couple had purchased their lucky ticket from Werribee Authorized Newsagency. It is located at 16 Station Street, Werribee.

Then the second player is from Greensborough who also won the $1.45 million TattsLotto prize money. He informed the officials that he was in bed when he came to know about his bed and the next second he was out of it jumping here and there is joy.

The player stated that the running year has been very bizarre and bad for him, plunging his financial condition. Now that he has $1.4 million, he is hopeful that things would come back to normal for him.

The player stated that he is going to get help from a financial advisor and spend his money wisely so he doesn’t end up wasting it. The Greensborough had purchased his lucky ticket online through

The third win for the $1.4 million TattsLotto games has been claimed by a couple from Ringwood. The couple was also tuned into the draw while it was taking place. The moment numbers were drawn and they emerged as the division one players, they started screaming in the middle of the night.

The couple had purchased their lucky ticket from Nextra Eastland Newsagency. It is located at 1015 Eastland Shopping Centre, 171 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.

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