Three TattsLotto Winners in Melbourne Take Home $1.4 Million Each


Three Melbourne locals celebrate victory as they win $1.4 million each in the latest game of TattsLotto. In total four divisions, one winner emerged in the recent TattsLotto draw 4169, and surprisingly three were from Melbourne only.

Each of the four winners took home a life-changing amount of $1,455,804.95.

Out of the three Melbourne winners, the winning woman from Werribee revealed details about how she found out about the win. Since it was a weekend she was out for dinner with her family while totally forgetting about the TattsLotto draw she’d participated in. When she got back home she remembered about her ticket and rushed to check it while her husband went to bed. As she checked her ticket and the winning numbers through The Lott app she couldn’t control herself and screamed in excitement. She candidly told the official at The Lott that her husband got scared hearing her scream.

Her husband was extremely happy when he finds out about the win. The winning woman called the win icing on the cake since the couple has been extremely lucky throughout. The woman explained that the win has got a nice vibe to it and created an awesome buzz and she just cannot get over it. She shared with the lottery officials that they would share the windfall with their families. They also plan to save a portion of it for retirement in order to live a comfortable life post-retirement.

The Werribee winner had bought the Quick Pick TattsLotto ticket from the Werribee Authorised Newsagency located at 16 Station Street in Werribee. All store employees were happy about this victory since someone has become a millionaire because of their shop. The store plans on celebrating the win with streamers and balloons because it means a lot to them that someone’s dream came true.

The second Melbourne winner who spent a sleepless night before checking the TattsLotto draw results was from Greensborough. It was while lying in bed that he thought of checking his ticket only to find out that he had won $1.4 million. The thought that he had become a billionaire overnight left him stumped and he called the experience bizarre.

In fact, the Greensborough winner had two tickets and on one of them he had one $8 but the $1.4 million totally made up for it. He initially thought that he won $1000 on his TattsLotto ticket but later he realized that he had all the six winning numbers. He was in disbelief and kept signing in and out to recheck till he was sure that he indeed was the $1.4 million winner.

The third and final winner from Melbourne to take home the $1.4 million was a Ringwood couple. When The Lott officials contacted them to inform them about their win the couple was over the moon. The couple revealed in their 50 years of playing the lottery it was the first time ever that they had won such a huge sum.

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