The Pennsylvania Lottery is here to Share Details of $210 Million Scratcher Wins from June


Finally, another month comes to an end for the Pennsylvania Lottery. After the successful ending of the month of June, the lottery officials are proud to share their achievements for the particular month. It brings great joy to the PA lottery officials in sharing the figures as it shows how far the operator has come.

Being one of the largest state-backed lottery operators in the United States, the Pennsylvania Lottery has been very consistent with its prize distributions. Every month is successful and is demonstrating the contribution of the lottery players.

Since the beginning of 2021, the lottery operator has observed a large influx of new lottery players. As for old lottery players, they have started purchasing more lottery tickets than they used to purchase in the past.

This time, the PA lottery officials are not here to discuss individual wins but the performance for the entire month of June for scratcher games.

According to the Pennsylvania Lottery, more than $210 million have been given away by the Pennsylvania lottery in the form of prizes to the winners of scratchers. At present, the Pennsylvania Lottery hosts more than a dozen scratcher games so the players have many options on their plates.

The PA lottery officials have confirmed that the total prize claims for the scratcher games were $210,444,405 in total. This is a figure that the players were able to claim in total all throughout the month of June.

In June, there was only one ticket that produced a $3 million top prize winner, who was originally from Indiana County. Then there were three players who won $1 million each. These players were from different cities/counties in Pennsylvania. The first winner was from Westmoreland County, the second winner was from Allegheny County, and the third one was from Philadelphia.

The PA lottery officials have also congratulated the respective stores for selling tickets to the lucky winners.

The store that sold the $3 million prize-winning ticket is Giant Eagle. It is located at 117 South Walnut Street, Ligonier, Westmoreland County.

The store that sold the $1 million ticket to the Westmoreland County player is BP (British Petroleum). It is located on 11339 Center Highway, North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County.

The $1 million tickets sold in Allegheny County was Wilkinsburg Beverage Co. It is located at 601 Penn Avenue, Pittsburg, Allegheny County.

The $1 million tickets sold in Philadelphia was Unidos Multiservice Agency. It is located at 3761 North 9th Street Philadelphia.

The store that sold the $3 million prize-winning ticket to the player has received a $10,000 bonus commission. On the other hand, the stores that sold $1 million prize-winning tickets have received a $5,000 bonus commission each.

Apart from the top prizes, there were three prizes for $500,000, two for $300,000, eleven for $250,000, and five for $100,000.

The list of players that have won $1,000 or less from scratchers in the month of June is tremendous. The PA lottery officials congratulate all the players for their lucky wins and wish them the best of luck in the future.

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