Two Lucky Players Playing Florida Lottery Win $6,000,000 in Total


The Florida Lottery is back and this time, it has an announcement of millions in prizes that it has given away. The officials are super-excited about the latest winnings claimed by the players and how the stakes keep growing higher with every passing game.

The lottery officials are glad that their sales for the lottery games are constantly increasing and are hitting all-time highs. The excitement comes not from the thinking that the company is making huge money for itself. The excitement is from the thinking that it is able to generate so much money and funds for noble causes.

Ever since its launch, the Florida lottery has been generating funds for educational purposes in Florida State. It has helped several educational institutes in the country with huge donations. The Florida Lottery has had the honor of donating billions for the enhancement of education for people in Florida.

As per the Florida lottery officials, every ticket sold contributes to the noble cause that the lottery is generating funds for. Therefore, every player purchasing a ticket through the Florida lottery is serving a noble cause.

This time, the Florida lottery officials are sharing the details around two lucky winners that have managed to help the society as well as make a fortune out of their recent purchases.

The officials have revealed that the first player is James Shelmon, who is a 69-year-old man from Chattahoochee. The lucky player has successfully won $5 million prize playing the “200X The Cash” game powered by the Florida lottery.

200X The Cash is powered by the Florida lottery is part of the scratcher family. Following the win, Shelmon had visited the Tallahassee HQ of the Florida lottery to claim his prize money. The player had decided to go for the one-time lump sum payment instead of the annuity plan.

Going with the one-time lump sum payment meant that the player could go for the $4,450,000 figure. The officials have revealed that Shelmon had purchased his lucky ticket for 200X The Cash from C Store. The particular store is located at 42 East Washington Road, Chattahooche and will be receiving $10,000 in the form of bonus commission.

Then the name of the second winner is John Wiggins, who is a 60 year old resident from Cantonment. The player had reportedly gone for “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic” game, which is also a scratcher powered by the Florida lottery.

Following the win, the player showed up at Florida lottery’s district office based in Pensacola. The player had successfully won $1,000,000 prize playing the particular game and went for $710,000 one-time lump sum amount.

The player reportedly purchased his ticket from Tom Thumb store that has also received $2,000 bonus commission for selling the ticket. The particular store is located at 6495 North West Street, Pensacola.

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