Lucky Trustee from Florida Wins $286 Million Powerball Jackpot


EuromillionThe Powerball lottery is here accompanied by the Florida lottery to make a huge announcement around the luckiest lottery player from Florida. The lottery officials are extremely excited about the particular player who can easily call himself the luckiest man on the planet for the month of June so far.

The lottery officials have revealed that Clay Tousey, a 69-year-old man from Ponte Vedra Beach has won the latest jackpot prize for Powerball. The officials reveal that the lucky player has reportedly won a jackpot prize of $286 million.

Now, Clay Tousey is among the list of the richest lottery players in the entire world and is one of the richest in Ponte Vedra Beach. If not Ponte Vedra Beach, then Tousey is definitely the richest man in his neighborhood.

The lottery officials have revealed that Clay Tousey is an honorable trustee at one of the trusts in Florida. The name of the particular trust is “The Love You More Trust”.

It is expected that after claiming such a huge win, Clay Tousey will definitely be making a huge donation to the trust. The player alongside “The Love You More Trust” visited the headquarters in Tallahassee to collect the jackpot prize money.

As per the Florida lottery officials, Clay Tousey went with the lump-sum amount of more than $196 million.

The draw for the particular game was reportedly held on June 5, 2021. However, the player had not shown up to claim the prize money until recently. The player made contact with the Florida lottery headquarters on June 25 to finalize the details around the jackpot prize.

As per lottery officials, Clay Tousey had purchased his lucky Powerball lottery ticket from Circle K. The particular store is located at 721 Chaffee Road South, Jacksonville. The store is also eligible for receiving a $100,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket that won a $286 million prizes.

When visiting the headquarters to claim the prize, Tousey informed the officials that he had not made much effort when buying the ticket. Instead, he went for the Quick Pick option, letting the computer do all the work in choosing the numbers for him.

The player informed the lottery officials that he had purchased the ticket hoping that if he wins the prize money, he would donate a huge amount out of the prize.

He was very sentimental and emotional about the trust he has been supporting. He stated that “The Love You More Trust” has been making a lot of difference in the state and society with its efforts. It has been supporting millions of people and with the money he has won, he will be able to contribute a lot towards the cause.

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