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NetLotto Review

NetLotto Review by Online Lottery Shop
NetLotto Review by Online Lottery Shop

NetLotto – A Chance to Play Australian Lotteries

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There is no denying that online lotteries are very convenient, but it is also a jungle out there. Lottery scams are also widespread and sometimes, it can be a challenge to find an accredited online lottery website, especially when you want to play international lotteries. Luckily, players who want to participate in Australian lotteries can make use of Lotteries in Australia are very popular because they offer some impressive jackpots, but the most important thing to note is that the winnings are tax-free. Therefore, Australian lotteries can be very attractive for lottery enthusiasts, even those who are based in other countries.

With NetLotto, people from all over the world can participate in Australian lotteries as it is a fully licensed and accredited agent and all the games that are played are considered as official entries in the respective lottery draws. The website operates under the strict supervision of the government and all winnings and sales are fully audited with the licensing authority.


NetLotto is a privately owned company that was established in 2009 and is based in Brisbane, Australia. The purpose was to create a presence in the Australian lottery market for retailing the lottery products of the country. The website is an accredited reseller of Australian lottery and has an official Tattersall’s reseller agreement. This also means that the service is bound by a strict code of rules relating to its operations and the various procedures. The website doesn’t just cater to local lottery players in Australia, but also overseas lottery players who want to try their luck in the Australian lottery games.

Players from all over the world are interested in playing the Australian lottery because of no taxation on winnings, large jackpots that go as high as $90, 000,000 AUD and can be claimed as a lump sum.


At the moment, you can play six of the most popular lotteries in Australia with NetLotto. These include Monday Lotto, Saturday TattsLotto, Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, the 6/38 Soccer Pools and Powerball. Currently, NetLotto is only available in English. An important thing to note about the website is that it only accepts payments in Australian dollars. There are three payment methods that are accepted at NetLotto, which include wire transfers, cheques and direct credit. Moreover, it is worth noting that NetLotto does not provide players copies of their scanned tickets.


As far as game-play options at NetLotto are concerned, players can take advantage of systematic playing. A range of Lotto Systems are offered at the website, which include Lottery wheeling. These systems use mathematically calculated number spreads and selections to enable players to try a different approach when playing the lottery. Apart from that, there is absolutely no shortage of lottery syndicates at NetLotto. Syndicates are a great way for players to boost their odds of winning the lottery. Sure, they might be a bit costly, but the odds of winning also rise, which is definitely a plus. The most remarkable thing about NetLotto is that it is not a place for actually buying the tickets as it serves as a platform for betting.

Even though no bonuses are offered at NetLotto, they do apply a system of discounts that’s called the Smart System. The concept is that the more lines chosen by a player, the higher the discount for them. Depending on the lottery you have chosen to play, the maximum number of lines that can be played is about 100. However, one of the most notable features about NetLotto is that you don’t just get to play on the website; there is also the option of downloading a mobile app for Android smartphones. This means that it is more convenient than ever for you to play the lottery because you can now do it directly from your phone.

Customer Support and Security

As customers are considered a priority, NetLotto offers quality customer support. In case of any problems or queries, the team can be contacted at the phone number or email provided at their website. There is also an online contact form that can be used for this purpose. Another notable thing about the website is that it ensures the safety and security of their clients. NetLotto is secured by Norton Safeweb and Google Safebrowsing. All data is encrypted to prevent third parties from getting access to it. The design and theme of the website is quite straightforward and it offers a very smooth user experience thanks to easy navigation.

Payment Details and Withdrawal

In order to begin playing at NetLotto, you first have to register yourself by making an account for free. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and you have to deposit US $10 or its equivalent in order to get started. An important thing to bear in mind is that the website charges commission. In addition, NetLotto also keeps a record of the numbers played by the participants and notify the players when they have won something. They also collect the prizes on behalf of the lottery players. In the case of withdrawals, there is no minimum limit that you need to be aware of.

How to Win More

One of the most prominent features at NetLotto is their ‘Ways to Win the Lottery’ section. This section is dedicated to providing advice and guidance to the lottery players and it goes hand-in-hand with the smart systems promoted by the website in a separate section.

Thus, some of the great benefits that lottery players can enjoy when they decide to play Australian lotteries at are:

  • Option to join syndicates and play some good lotteries
  • The website is very reliable and is also officially regulated
  • The draws for Australian lotteries take place every single day with the exception of Friday and you can enter as many draws as you want
  • The website is officially regulated so there is no risk of scams
  • The prizes that are paid out are free of tax
  • Mobile devices are accepted and you can download the app on your phone

Last updated on 29th of June 2018
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