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YABTCL Review by Online Lottery Shop
YABTCL Review by Online Lottery Shop


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With technological advancement, the traditional lottery game shifted online and opened up a lot of new avenues for lottery enthusiasts. More and more people began to participate because it had become easier and simpler, not to mention the wide array of options that had opened up. Gradually, new and fun ways of playing the lottery were devised to make things interesting for the players. One such innovation is in the form of YABTCL, which stands for Yet Another Bitcoin Lottery. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that took the market by storm and gained immense popularity as it helped investors reap huge returns.

The name of the lottery is self-explanatory as it is a Bitcoin lottery game. While it is not the first of its kind, you will come to realize that YABTCL is indeed one of the most user-friendly Bitcoin games that are currently available on the internet. The name of the lottery is trendy and it also claims to be free, which again works in its favor. Since website is very straightforward and simple, it may take newbies a little time to acclimate themselves because there is not much detail to be found. Nonetheless, it is still a lottery game and not that difficult to comprehend.

Like the other Bitcoin lottery games out there, YABTCL calls itself a fair lottery system. The best thing about playing on the website is that you don’t have to register an account in order to get started. This is considered quite helpful because it gives players the chance to stay anonymous when they don’t want their adventures to be known by anyone.

How to Play YABTCL

In order to get started with YABTCL, you first have to understand the basics of the game. First and foremost, draws are held three days a week i.e. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and at 24:00 UTC. The tickets can be bought at different prices and around 6 numbers are drawn from a total of 67. The lowest price of the ticket is approximately 0.001 BTC. When buying the ticket, you have to select between 6 and 16 numbers. The price of the ticket with 6 numbers is considerably less than that of the ticket wit 16 numbers because the latter improves your chances of winning the prize.

In order to take home any prize, it is essential for you to match at least 2 of the numbers on your lottery ticket. All these features means that YABTCL is basically similar to all the other lotteries out there in terms of how it operates. Apart from this, the website also offers you the opportunity of playing two other types of lotteries. You can play the free lottery game with approximately 3 tickets per day. Every ticket that you get can add about 20 satoshis to the jackpot prize. When you win an amount that’s higher than 0.0001 BTC, your winnings will be sent at the address you enter into the provided box.

As far as the Instant Lottery is concerned, it gives you the chance to participate in a quick lottery game and is more like an instant win title instead of an actual game of the lottery. In this way, it is quite similar to Bingo. The real lotto is the draw that’s held thrice per week. Regardless, before you start playing at YABTCL, it is vital to remember that you need to have a bitcoin wallet address for depositing in an account. If you don’t want to use a username, it is not a requirement, but you have to have a Bitcoin address.

Once you have the address, you can get started and there is absolutely no limit to the amount that can be deposited. The withdrawals need to be at least 0.0000543 BTC and the winnings can be withdrawn into any bitcoin wallet address. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be the one that you have registered. But, an important thing to remember is that YABTCL offers supports for Bitcoin wallets that provide support for the signing of messages because signatures are now being utilized as a security measure. They are used when players spend more than 5 BTC for buying quotas between two draws or tickets as well as adding main addresses. and Bitcoin Core are the recommended wallets that you can use.

YABTCL doesn’t offer much in the way of bonuses and promotions, but if you have less than 2,000 satoshis in your own account, you can still get a few free ones. Every 10 minutes, you are provided with 2,000 satoshis for gameplay. However, you should bear in mind that going with this option means that the house edge increases by 1%. Those contributing to the website’s translation or affiliates can avail some bonuses here and there. Currently, the website is available in Japanese, English, Russian, Spanish, German and Thai. You will get bonuses if you can help in translating the game into other languages.

Customer support has limited options as YABTCL offers players the chance to reach them via email. There are also Facebook and Twitter pages that can be used for instant assistance. If you look at the Account Dashboard, you will immediately see how YABTCL supports anonymous gambling. It doesn’t include anything that will reveal the identity of players. There are no specific sections or tabs for account management, profile management, withdrawals and deposits and bonuses. In-site pop ups are used for conducting most of the functions. Transactions are not processed via the dashboard. For instance, deposits are made through wallet to wallet transactions.

YABTCL also goes to great lengths to ensure the draws remain fair. 1.5 hours before the draw, a file is generated. This file contains all the tickets that are included in the draw and a SHA256 file has is generated and timestamped with a Bitcoin transaction. When the draw is held, the website checks the current Bitcoin Number and uses the next block for producing the winning numbers. In a nutshell, YABTCL offers you the leading Bitcoin lottery game and it should definitely be given a shot.

Last updated on 1st of July 2018
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